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If in the realm of religion and spirituality distortions and taints enter in a big way it can be compared to soap  spreading dirt and foul smelling muck everywhere. In the wily fox like guise of wine, flesh, fish, cash and conjugal bliss (called Panchamakar Religion) people shattered to naught all social norms and disciplines and thus chaos and anarchy sets in society. 

How shall a bright radiant future usher in the 21st century? Who shall author it? How shall this happen? Those who hear all this naturally harbor such curiosity and questions in their mind. In the material arena where on the one hand there is a flood of strife and hardships there in the spiritual realm dark clouds of distortions are looming large. If problems are only few in number solutions can be found. But today world circumstances are such that the human intellect fails to even calculate the number of problems ruling the entire world. Right from the small realm of family life to the nation and entire world havoc and chaos are ruling the roost. Right from the highly intellectual class of the world to the lay public all opine in unison that today dire world situations can no longer be solved with the limited frail human brain capacity.

Say how much strength does man possess? His status in this gigantic cosmos brimming with innumerable movements and situations is very miniscule and ordinary. He cannot even induce clouds full of water looming over his head to pour down. He is totally helpless in obstructing old age and death manifesting in his life. The day man realizes this incapability of his that very moment a capacity manifests in him that can easily revolve galaxies in their path etc that are billions of times heavier than planet earth akin to a child playing with a ball. This is that very power on whose mere hint nature very much like an ordinary river perforce showcases its skill. This cosmos is verily its creation and hence this divine creative power can never tolerate the painful destruction of this beautiful world creation authored by it.

In the history of world creation whenever clouds of destruction have intensified ferociously at that time in order to ward them off a divine conscious power manifests in the subtle world. This divine conscious power is none other than the Avatar of Almighty God. As per needs of contemporary times this Avatar takes up specific forms. The Avatar of Almighty God corrects imbalance setting in the world cropping up from problems faced in that particular era and reverse the flowof the trend of that era from an undesirable direction towards a wholesome beneficial one.

 At the time of world creation there was water and only water everywhere. In the world of creatures only waterborne ones predominated. At that time this imbalance was set right by Matsyavatar or Fish Incarnation. When the movements/activities of creatures increased both on land and water at that time Kacchapavatar or Tortoise Incarnation set the balance optimal. Under the leadership of Kacchapavatar or Tortoise Incarnation Samudramanthan or churning of the ocean was carried out wherein nature was churned and milked. The demon Hiranyaksha by finding this hidden wealth in the ocean bed bossed over it in a lone dictatorial manner. It was hence that Varahavatar or Boar Incarnation occurred and demon Hiranyaksha was overpowered by it.

When man became capable of earning much more than what was required for comfortable living he got lured by selfish greed to amass and hoard more and more wealth,Guest Posting cash, property etc. In order to convert the beastly activity of hoarding and sensuously enjoy things wastefully into generosity Lord Vaman as a small radiant boy incarnated. Thus those people who were backward materially-spiritually got uplifted and King Bali who was a very prosperous ruler was inspired by Lord Vaman to generously share his wealth voluntarily with entire society.

When unruly arrogance becomes more uncontrolled and terror instilling gentlemanly and sage advice does not work on it. Only powerful retaliation aids in overcoming this demonic unruly arrogance. On such occasions Lord Nrisinha (half man-half lion) has to incarnate as an Avatar. It is his powerful valor and enterprise that uproots this demonic behavior in society. Lord Nrisinha has to take up this half man-half lion form so that wickedness gets overpowered and in its place true gentlemanly pious behavior and attitude is reinstated in the world.

The nature and form could be just about any type yet the vow of Almighty Lord while taking an Avatar always remains the same: Uprooting vile tainted activities and reinstating great pious activities the world over. The Avatar’s divine conscious power by activating world humanity’s valor, divine aura, enterprise and sacred sensitive sentiments fulfills its sacred mission on planet earth. Of course it is not as though valor, ppiousness etc is totally lacking in human psyche yet due to its one sided nature valor devoid of sacred sensitive sentiments veers dangerously in the direction of destructive frenzy and further sacred sensitive sentiments devoid of valor ties man in the noose of inertia and laziness that forces it to shed tears of grief. The Lila or divine play of various Avatars creates an apt tandem between both these glorious virtues dwelling in the human psyche and thus are egged to march ahead in a wholesome beneficial direction.

It is due this specialty of its extraordinary potential and methodology that Yajna is also called Almighty God’s form/nature and an Avatar. Scriptural seers say:

Yasya rashtre purey chaiva bhagwan yajna purushaha.

Ijyate sarvena dharmena janaiha varnashramanvitey.

MEANING: The deep import of Yajnas is given here and hence they are called Lord Yajna Purusha. And, why not! The 3 sacred activities viz. worshiping God, uniting the world as one family and philanthrophy oozing in Yajnas are but the 3 powerful streams of uplifting both individuals and world society. Worship of God means, sanctifying our inner personality, so as to render it divine in nature. Uniting the world encompasses cooperation, world brotherhood, charity for world creatures’ well being and the magnanimous sentiment of world living as one peaceful loving family. These are 3 eternal sacred precepts which can easily solve every problem faced by humanity and entire world creation. Thus to term this educative methodology as divine conscious power of Avatar, is certainly apt.

Anshavatars (partial) can be Kalavatars. Divine seer Rishis have spoken of Purnavatars (total divinity manifestation) also. Yajnas attain totality or completeness in Ashwamedha forms wherein in its varied forms and types it manifests its partial and Kala nature. King Prithu who for the very 1st time helped advance Ashwamedha Yajnas fully and rendered them Purna or complete was included in the list of 24 Avatars of Almighty God. The author of Shrimad Bhagwad (4/19) while describing the Ashwamedha Yajnas performed by King Prithu writes:

Athadikshat raja tuhaymedhen shatena cha.

Brahmarve manoha kshetre yatra prachi saraswati.

MEANING: Maitreyaji says-O Vidurji! King Prithu got initiated in order to perform 100 Ashwamedha Yajnas in King Manu’s Brahmavarta region where River Saraswati flows in the eastern direction. Then King Prithu vowed to execute 100 Ashwamedha Yajnas where River Saraswati flows in the western direction in Brahma and King Manu’s Brahmavarta region.

After Prithu it seemed as though Avatar and Ashwamedha merged into each other. Avatar became Ashwamedha and Ashwamedha became Avatar. If we mull deeply over the profundity of the meaning of the word ‘Ashwamedha’ the mystery gets unfolded. When the term ‘Medha’ is used to connote ‘Bali’ it means destruction of vile tainted activities, wickedness, beastly behavior, cruelty and all such negativities. Generally ‘Medha’ is used for brain skills. Via it man’s divine aura, sleeping sacred sensitivity, thought power and piously great activities proliferate and awaken fully. Let us focus on the Vyutpatti (special literary technique used to coin words in Sanskrit Language) of the word ‘Ashwa’:

Ash-kwan ashnute acchanam ashnute vyapnoti.

MEANING: Ashwa means one possessing swift movement and one that spreads out everywhere on the road. As per this connotation Ashwamedha would mean uprooting of vile tainted activities and a very swift widespread effort to augment great sacred tasks.

The manifestation of all these are to obstruct and ward off all unethical tainted behavior and uphold and nourish great glorious behavior. Lord Parshuram by imbibing the form of ‘Agrataha chaturo vedaha prishtaha sasharo dhanuhu’ destroyed the lordship of uncontrolled colonialism. Thus he aided in propagating and preaching Brahmavidya or the Science of Divinity. Lord Rama laid great stress on inner and outer discipline. Lord Krishna by imbibing the principle of ‘vishasya vishamaushadham’ uprooted those widespread situations reeking with atrocities and fraud of all types.

If in the realm of religion and spirituality distortions and taints enter in a big way it can be compared to soap also spreading dirt and foul smelling muck everywhere. In the wily guise of wine, flesh, fish, cash and conjugal bliss (called Panchamakar Religion) people shattered to naught all social norms and disciplines and thus chaos and anarchy sets in society. Under such circumstances Lord Buddha congregated pious gentle people in order to reinstate righteousness in the world. For this he gave a prime spot to farsighted discrimination or Viveka. Lord Buddha’s divine message was:

Dhammam sharanam gacchami

Sangham sharanam gacchami

Buddham sharanam gacchami

On hearing this nectarine bugle like call of Lord Buddha thousands of followers of his travelled both within and outside India for attaining victory of true sacred culture.

Circumstances keep changing. Hence Almighty God too has to change his basis for manifesting as an Avatar. Even the Ashwamedha campaign had been programmed in such way so as to manifest its new form and specialties based on those contemporary times and requirements. The stature of the form of an Avatar of Almighty God and work arena propagates based on the system of advancement. As long as mankind predominated with material means and looked upon his physical body as ‘I’ till then weapons and means did the needful. Yet today in our modern times the situation is very different.

In today’s computer age man’s intellectual principle has become shrewd in a very wily manner. In the realm of aspirations since non soul inert principles predominate a great deal, material prosperity and all types of potentials are being misused a lot. Not only the arena of this undesirable distortion is unlimited but that it has ensnared entire world humanity. With stupendous scientific attainments this world has been rendered tiny akin to a global village. With immense speed this world is contracting and this worldly human life is moving very swiftly. Hence if Almighty God incarnates in today’s fast paced life it has to be in the form of era based divine cosmic consciousness. It is in this form only that the powerful resolve or Sankalpa of an Avatar can get fulfilled in the very widespread arena of world public psyche.

In the 1st half Lord Buddha set rolling in the wheel of true religion called Dharma Chakra. Thus he waved the flag of cultural victory. Thousands of his followers contributed like cogs in a wheel for this stupendous sacred mission. People like Anand who was a deep thinker, a wealthy man like Bimbisar, an artist like Ambapali and Angulimal previously a dacoit who then got transformed into a daring and valiant person, in large numbers became partners in their own way to carry out this great task comparable to an Ashwamedha Yajna of humungous size. The work arena of Avatars who had manifested in this world previous to Lord Buddha was limited because in those contemporary times problems were less and were local in nature. By the time Lord Buddha incarnated society had become very widespread. Hence the mission of Lord Buddha also did not limit itself to India’s borders. In his times to the extent it was possible to render efforts widespread they were imbibed fully. Thus Lord Buddha’s mission and divine message spread out in whole of Asian continent. Further than this this divine aura spread to other continents too.

The 2nd phase of the Buddha Avatar is Kalki Avatar or Prajnavatar. This has already manifested in our modern contemporary times including the current 21st century. In symbolic depictions found in Bhavishyapurana (Indian Mythology) Kalki Avatar is shown riding a horse with a sword in his hand. This is nothing but a hint regarding the Ashwamedha Yajna executed by Lord Buddha. This era predominating with a sharp brilliant intellect also creates problems based on man’s thinking process. The center of man’s inspiration revolves around his beliefs, thought trends and desires. In this stream itself human society flows. At such times the form and nature of an Avatar too has to be in accordance with this trend. The solution for world problems cropping up like wild weeds everywhere can only be found in the hidden profound meanings of Ashwamedha Yajnas. These profound meanings need to be unveiled.

In order to nullify distorted taints brimming in human psyche and in order to uproot unethical thinking/behavior along with deluded outdated beliefs only an Ashwamedha type of campaign to usher in true world culture can succeed stupendously in this endeavor. It is the flow that pushes human consciousness in the direction of glorious greatness and equally influencing social arenas can be the Avatar of those contemporary times. In fact this is exactly what is taking place. The worldwide Ashwamedha Yajna campaign of Kalki Avatar must be seen and realized in this very context.

The onrush based divine energies of various Avatars do enter divine souls and whatever is desired by the Avatar is executed via these souls as its medium. These divine souls are mere instruments of activities carried out by various Avatars. Mahakal or Super Time does not wait for anyone. Mahakal manifests only in awakened souls and those who aid him in his divine mission by blessing them. Our Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya well before he shed his mortal coil had proclaimed that those tasks which could not be executed by his gross visible body shall be successfully carried out by his subtle-causal body since the latter would be infinitely more powerful. Can we say that whatever was done by Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya before shedding his mortal coil was executed in any less measure for world well being? It was impossible for us all, to even imagine what humungous tasks would be accomplished in future. Millions of followers are witness to the fact that in order to help divine culture reach all and one and permanently uprooting demonic activities/behavior they had all in unison to take a vow of imbibing divinity. This program something like a swearing in ceremony was so gigantic and widespread. Just as in ancient eras Goddess vows to protect demigods who were defeated by demons, similarly on the occasion of the swearing in ceremony HH Revered Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji (holy consort of our Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya) had proclaimed about conducting a gigantic religious-spiritual program called Dev Sanskriti Digvijay Dashashwamedhas. From hereon the final leg of Lord Mahakal’s 10th Avatar’s Yug Nirman or Era Creation/Transformation Sankalpa or oath was taken.

At that time of taking the above oath we could not truly understand that although we had heard of Ashwamedha stature Yajnas having been executed previously yet none was aware of its proper nature and form. Lord Mahakal catching hold of our little finger akin to a father holding the finger of his beloved child has taken us followers to such a state that it is said to be no less than a miracle performed by some unseen potent power. As of today only one voice, one creation and one world is resounding loudly in every nook and corner titled:


This glorious proclamation has become so cosmic that it is heard in every pore of planet earth. Wherever you place your ears you hear the voice: Era transformation, divine culture’s eternal victory and Ashwamedha-Ashwamedha-Ashwamedha. Very much akin to ancient eras how awakening of divinity in humans and heralding of heaven on earth shall be rewritten in the annals of world history shall be clearly witnessed by world humanity with their own eyes as full proof. This then is an extraordinary mind boggling feat of this present modern era.

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