10 Nimble Ways To Radiate Your Sales!

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1. Email each visitor a ... ... they ... This will allow you to ... order system, customer service, site, etc.2. Give a ... of your profits to a cause your

1. Email each visitor a satisfaction questionnaire
after they purchase. This will allow you to improve
your order system,Guest Posting customer service, site, etc.

2. Give a percentage of your profits to a cause your
customers would like. It could be a charity, school,
environmental improvements, etc.

3. Take harsh criticism the right way and improve
your online business. Don't get down in the dumps,
improve the situation so it doesn't happen again.

4. Try bartering before you buy services, supplies
and equipment for your business. You can use the
extra money you save on advertising your business.

5. Give away a follow-up email course on an auto-
responder. Include your ad with each lesson. People
will buy quicker when they see your ad repeatedly.

6. Make sure your classified ads don't sound like
an ad. Don't ask people to buy anything or they
won't click, give something away instead.

7. Give your free bonus products extra perceived
value. Don't use the phrase "free bonuses" use the
phrase "you will also get".

8. Keep your visitors on your web site longer. The
longer they stay, the greater chance they will buy.
Just hold a treasure hunt contest on your web site.

9. Make sure you're always creating new products
and services or improving old ones. Most products
or services won't stand the test of time online.

10. Split the cost of online advertising and marketing
by sharing a web site with a similar, non-competing
business. You would both put up half the cost.

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