Avoid These 5 Sales Letter Mistakes That Can Cost You a Sale

Jan 2


Harmony Major

Harmony Major

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The average conversion rate of most sales letters is a disappointing 1% or even less. However, there are numerous small details that can significantly increase the number of prospects you convert into customers. On the other hand, there are just as many factors that can cause your conversion rate to plummet. Are you guilty of any of these five common sales letter mistakes?

Mistake #1: False Urgency

"Act now! This offer expires in 1.2 minutes!" Sounds familiar? While time-sensitive offers can indeed increase response rates,Avoid These 5 Sales Letter Mistakes That Can Cost You a Sale Articles dishonest "limited-time offers" can alienate potential customers. Savvy customers can easily check the page's HTML code to see if the offer truly expires today or if they have more time to make a decision. While this may not deter all customers, some will refuse to purchase if they see the same "limited-time offer" on your page for an extended period. It's possible to create genuine limited-time offers without deceiving your visitors.

Mistake #2: Overuse of Bold Text

When bolding text on your sales page, it's crucial to bold the right words. Overuse of bold text can make your page difficult to read and dilute the impact of your key points. For example, consider this sentence: "LEARN a simple, easy-to-apply, 3-step formula for steadily increasing your WEBSITE profits each and every MONTH." The overuse of bold text makes the sentence seem awkward and less effective.

Mistake #3: Large Blocks of Text

Reading from a computer screen can be more strenuous than reading printed documents. Large blocks of text in sales copy can be overwhelming and off-putting to readers. Make your sales page more reader-friendly by breaking up your text into paragraphs of 4-6 sentences each.

Mistake #4: Unclear Product Description

If your visitors don't understand what you're selling, they won't be motivated to buy it. Be clear and specific about what your product is and how it can benefit the customer. If you're selling a formula for making millions, for example, provide a detailed description of the formula and offer a money-back guarantee to build trust and confidence.

Mistake #5: Hidden Pricing

In many sales letters, it's clear that the writer is trying to sell something. However, if the price of the product is not clearly stated, it can create suspicion and doubt in the minds of potential customers. If your product is worth the price, don't hide it. Concealing the price can make prospects think that your product is overpriced, and they may leave without making a purchase.


How does your sales letter compare? If you're making any of these common mistakes, it's not too late to make changes. Each of these errors could be driving away potential customers. Take the opportunity to improve your sales copy now and start increasing your conversion rate immediately.