Beware of “copying machine supply” frauds

Jul 27


Jatin Chawla

Jatin Chawla

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A copying machine supply fraud begins with a solicited call to a company’s employee asking him to buy a discounted copying machine supplies. What they offer are sub-standard products at high price or may be higher than the bargained amount.

The caller will have its stats right and will use high-pressure marketing tactics, Beware of “copying machine supply” frauds Articles which can misguide the employee to an extent where he is forced to believe that this order was sanctioned by the office or purchasing manager in the previous telephonic conversation. Further misleading you the caller can even produce your copying machine identification number, which might have been obtained from another employee of your company using false pretenses. They can even lure you to make this purchase by offering some free gifts. There are other means of fraud too that a tele-caller can implement. For instance, he may fix you in a false billing scheme. For example: Neither your company ordered anything nor did it receive anything, but the caller will claim that your company had ordered copy machine supplies but was never properly billed. However, the error has been discovered and hence a duplicate invoice was sent. Watch out for the following point referred by the caller: - If he says that the manufacturer is in loss and ca offer discount on the pending bills or even bargain on new supplies.

- Check out for this lame excuse where he says your company placed an order but the invoice was never sent or the delivery was made to the wrong address and then offers discounts for his mistake.

- If he is hesitant to give his company’s detail or if he completely refuses to produce any information about his company.

- If he says that he cannot mail any catalog or brochure without you placing an order.

- If he asks you to make an instant decision about the purchase.

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