Copying Machine Supply – Is leasing the right option?

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Copier industry generates about $24 billion by selling over 1.5 million new copiers annually. No doubt this huge market prompts manufacturers to constantly improve their products on quality and performance, resulting in stiff competition among copier vendors. An average mid-level business copier can cost anywhere from $5000 to $10000 and the price can hike up to $40000 for the best office models. It is because of this high cost and ever changing technology, copier leasing becomes a preferred option for many business organizations than purchasing a new copier.

The basic reason behind leasing a copier than buying is to reduce the capital investment in purchasing the best copier. Also,Guest Posting many believe that investing such a huge amount would not be a good move considering that the technology advancements are at a faster pace than before. Within no time your copier will be outdated by some new product in the market and don’t be surprise if the new product is launched by the same company. On the other hand leasing provides you the option of replacing your old copier with the new one without much overhead cost. Also, if you cannot pay your monthly payments, you are allowed to do away with the machine. Although leasing has some advantages but can be expensive in the long run. Leasing companies can charge you on per copy basis and it becomes important to have an accurate estimate of your usage. Another important advantage of copier leasing is that usually leases include the maintenance required to keep the machine in a running condition. One should inquire if there exists any emergency repairing cost, if yes then how much do you have to pay and on what basis.

To conclude, if you want a copier machine for a short period of time then it is advisable to get it on lease. But if you want it for a longer duration of time then it is better to purchase it as in such situations leasing can be more expensive than the actually cost of the machine.

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