Sales Conversion Tactics - A Simple Product That Will Help You Get More High Paying Clients

Jun 9


Adam Hommey

Adam Hommey

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You need to show your potential clients how to take that first step and you need to make it easy for them...

As a website sales conversion expert with a "live" website review service,Sales Conversion Tactics - A Simple Product That Will Help You Get More High Paying Clients  Articles I am always looking for ways to remove the hesitation that's often found at the time of sale. But for some people, no matter how many tweaks to the website that we suggest, there is still no sales momentum.
Because many entrepreneurs, small business owners and professional service firms expect clients to run before they even take their first step. Just like when you were a baby learning how to walk, the first step that gets clients moving forward is the hardest.  You need to show your potential clients how to take that first step and you need to make it easy for them. We discovered that the best way to do this is...create instant templates for your niche. Below, you will find two examples of how instant templates are helping two professional service firms take their profits to record-breaking profits this year.
How Instant Article Writing Templates Are Creating More Higher- Priced Article Submission Clients & Article Marketing Database Orders
Article Marketing Expert Eric Gruber, who is also my partner at has an article submission service that gets clients articles on top websites like, among many others. Plus, he has many courses and products including an article marketing database that gives you the websites, ezines, blogs and article directories that you should be submitting articles to, full contact information, traffic rankings and editorial guidelines.
Now, the thing is - if you do not start writing articles, you are not going to invest in Eric's products or services as you will have no need. And, Eric knew this. He also knew that most people get stuck at the gate. They don't know how to begin writing their articles. They don't even know what they should be writing articles about! 
That's why he created his Instant Article Writing Templates Kit that gives you 40+ article formulas and examples. He's giving you the structure and organization to get started so you have no excuses.   Once you have your articles written, you are going to want to get them published on top websites so you gain instant credibility. So, you move forward from the $47 templates and you grab his database or his article submission courses where Eric makes his bigger profits. The $47 from each template order is pocket change to Eric - but it's a huge lead generator for his higher priced products and services.
How Instant LinkedIn Marketing Templates is Helping LinkedIn Marketing Expert Kristina Jaramillo Get More Recurring Clients
Out of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the most under-used and most misunderstood. So, if Kristina wants to get more clients for her LinkedIn Marketing Management Services or if she wants more coaching clients then she needs to first open your eyes to the opportunities you are missing. She does this with her free special report at Then she needs you to move forward in making changes to your profile so you invest more time and energy into LinkedIn. Once, you as a prospect focus your energies on a certain area - it's easier to sell you.
That's why she created her Instant LinkedIn Marketing Templates where she walks you through the entire process. With her template package she gives you:*  100+ Fill-in-the-Blank Headlines*  LinkedIn Summary and Experience Templates that will help you create a profile that differentiates you from your competition instead of sounding like a boring resume*  LinkedIn Marketing Templates including group creation templates, discussion template, email templates and a free strategy session that converts template.
Now, right before her order form where you will invest in her templates product, Kristina offers you an opportunity to get your profile reviewed "live" on video. By the way, right now at the time of this writing, this review upsell where she is offering prospects even more value has a 25% conversion rate. That's almost unheard of.
On this video and in a follow-up session phone session, she shows you what needs to be fixed, tweaked, changed, added or removed. During this follow up phone session, as you are already "wowed" and overwhelmed by the value she offers, Kristina reveals how she can help you on a monthly basis with her services and coaching. 
Do you see the sales conversion process Kristina used here? 
Educate => Motivate Prospects to Take Action => Help Prospects Take Action with Templates => Offer a Review Service Which Adds Accountability => Wow Prospects and Finally....Invite Prospects to Take Action on a Higher Priced Item!
Now, here are your next steps...
1.  Check out the templates listed in this article - You can get the Article Templates at and you can get the LinkedIn templates at: 2.  See how Eric and Kristina pull you through their sales funnels once they get you started3.  Create templates for your niche to give your prospects their first step - and use Eric's and Kristina's templates as a model. 4.  Start selling more higher priced products and services!