Instant Article Templates - 3 Reasons Why MOST Article Templates Do Not Help You Write Articles Fast

Jan 26


Eric Gruber

Eric Gruber

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Be aware of the problems that most instant article writing templates have... and choose wisely...


Instant article writing templates such as those found at can help you overcome writer's block. In many cases,Instant Article Templates - 3 Reasons Why MOST Article Templates Do Not Help You Write Articles Fast Articles with the right article templates, you can write your articles in 30 minutes or less.

Notice the keywords there - "with the right article templates."

If you do a Google search for "instant article writing templates", "instant article templates", "article writing templates", "free article templates" and "article templates"- underneath my websites and my articles you find hundreds of other resources. Some sites even give you free article templates.

Heck, I even give you 3 free article templates at

Here's the problem...most article templates are not designed to help you write better articles faster. Now, the creators of these article templates had good intentions. However, if you use the wrong article templates, you will find yourself even more confused.

The 3 Biggest Problems with Most Instant Article Writing Templates

1. Most article templates do not give you the structure and organization you need. In fact, here's a sampling of what one article template provider offers...

Article Writing Template - What I Learned From....
This one is simply a bulleted list of what you have learned from any number of things or events such as what I learned from my parents, my sister, my brother, my son, my daughter, from my third grade teacher, from September 11th, from watching a TV show, etc.

Bullet 1-
Bullet 2-
Bullet 3-
And, so on...

Now, to me this is not a workable template. Templates are supposed to be worksheets that guide you throughout the process. For example, I put my "Instant Article Writing Templates" in MS Word format. Each template is in chart format. All you have to do is put the information that's in your head and put it exactly where I ask you to. Once the template is complete, all you have to do is copy each section and paste it into a new document - and you'll have a finished article.

2. Most article templates don't keep you, the article writer, focused. If I don't use my article templates, I find myself rambling, going from one topic to another. And, I'm the article writing and article marketing expert. When you have a workable template that provides you with structure and organization, your copy will automatically become more focused. It becomes an easier, better read for your readers. However, most templates like the example I showed you above do not give you a structure and organization to follow. And, they allow you to bounce from one idea to another without any kind of transition.

3. Most article template resources do not provide real article examples from a wide number of industries. If there are any article examples provided along with the article templates, you'll just find articles that the creator wrote. So, you'll just find Internet marketing articles that promote the creator's other products and services. You want to look for article resources that provide actual article examples of those in your niche. For example, in my Instant Article Writing Templates Kit, I not only share with you some of my own articles, but I share with articles that are written by my clients who are authors, speakers and entrepreneurs dealing with a wide number of business, finance, relationship and parenting issues.

Again, I do not mean to mock or offend those in my industry. I just want to help you write your articles faster. Now, that you aware of the problems that most instant article writing templates have - you can choose wisely.