What reasons are used by clerk to refuse exchange of shoes

Jul 4


Justin Lin

Justin Lin

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Many consumers complained Nike shoes because many quality problem or other problems. When customers found Nike shoes have bad quality, they got back to the exclusive stores to ask clerk exchange the shoes, however clerks rejected by all kinds of excuses. When Nike confront with those complaints, how will it deal with them, person will insist on paying attention.

A consumer who is from Siyang County,What reasons are used by clerk to refuse exchange of shoes Articles Jiangsu Province responded: he bought a pair of Nike sports shoes from Shanghai which took me 820 Yuan on 7 Aug. 2008, however I found it chipped seriously after I did not wear a few times. He reflect this case to the seller and factory, however, they excuse themselves on the grounds of three guarantees have exceeded the time limit and do not want to settle this problem.
Mr. Zhang told journalist: when he wanted to buy shoes, he thought that if he pay more money and then he would better shoes. So he decided to pay more money to but the Nike shoes of international brand. Since the price of Nike shoes is more higher than original shoes, Mr. Zhang is not willing to wear it, and he wore it total for 20 times with every time is under one day in the past half year. The phenomenon of severe chip raised within one month means the quality problem exist.
Mr. Zhang expressed that Nike shoes have quality problem and then emerged serious chip. On the other hand, Nike shoes was bought not for a long time and even was wore less than one month without wash, I guess nobody will trust Nike which is called international trademark when the chip phenomenon raised. There are also many other cases in websites about the quality of Nike does not get solve which let people lose the confidence for Nike, I hope that related department can check if the quality of Nike meets the criterion, so that customer can get healthy consuming environment.
Investigation One: customer complained Nike for the false shoes which was found in exclusive shops.
One consumer of Nike who is called Mr. Deng complained in 315 hot line of website on 16 Feb. of 2009: I purchased a pair of shoes in Nike special store from Foshan on 14 Feb. 2009, the original cost of that shoes is 780 Yuan and the discount price is 530 Yuan with 6.8 discount. I considered that special stores just sell true trademark, therefore I just glanced the size of shoes when salesclerk provided the shoes to me. I tried on the shoes when I returned the tavern which is the dwelling place of business trip. However I realized that it is not comfortable which is different with other famous trademark when I wore the shoes, I watched with naked eyes and found it is fake shoes with bad quality. I got back the exclusive store to require exchange the shoes on 15 Feb., nevertheless the clerk refused my requirement.
Investigation Two: consumer complained that Nike shoes was different in big and small
One customer who is called Miss Hu complained in 315 hotline on 7 Feb. 2009: new shoes which just wore for one day was found one shoe is bigger than the other with same size. So I looked carefully at the shoes, and I realized the toe cap of left shoe is more pointed however right shoe is more orbicular, and the soles of right and left shoes are also not the same. I required the exclusive store to exchange that shoes, nevertheless they stated it is not quality problem and refused my demand.
Investigation Three: running shoes of Nike was different in big and small which was complained by customer. Mr. Ma who is one consumer of Nike complained on 315 hotline on 3 Feb. 2009: he bought one pair of Nike shoes which article no. is 324570-002 (made in Indonesia) in Chengdu on 18 January of 2009. When he wore the shoes to get back home, he found right shoe and left shoe were different, it is still can not help even if he tried every way to remit discomfort. Therefore he looked at the shoes for many times, and finally he found there were two ways are different with relevant regulations which were the eyelets of shoes and the height of upper: the entire appearance of shoes is not symmetrical and the eyelets were also ectopic. Mr. Ma considered that must caused by quality, so he returned the special shop two times and require the clerk to change the shoes, but the clerk refused his demand by many reasons, for example personal misconception.
Investigation Four: Nike shoes was the product without three basic information
Miss Liu who is one consumer complained in 315 hotline on 10 November of 2008: she wore Nike shoes for seven to eight years, and never feel uncomfortable. However she felt so uncomfortable for Nike shoes which was bought in Zhongyou Department Store. Miss Liu found the shoes which she bought had no factory name, factory address and contact number that violated related regulations.
As we know, Nike was established in 1972 and built the first contact place in Beijing of China. Later, Nike adhered to the idea of Local for Local, and trained local talents, productive technology and sales concept, finally Nike got distinguished progress in China. But how Nike will handle those problems when it faced with customers' complaints? Journalist of our website will go on keeping a watchful eye on this news.

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