How to protect your skin in winter

Aug 12


Janet Davie Smith

Janet Davie Smith

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Several tips about skin care in winter


Your skin needs a careful looking after it and care in winter more than ever. Thanks today's dermatology,How to protect your skin in winter Articles there are lots of effective means that will help you to keep your skin beautiful, even in the strong cold.

If you usually use a light lotion, you should try a rich cream in winter, at least for the driest areas of the skin. To minimize the sensation of greasiness use a small amount of cream, carefully rubbing it into the skin.

No one is secured from dry lips in winter

 Drink more water to avoid dehydration, and use wetting agent at home. Use lip balm or lipstick every time you go out. Do not spend too much time in the sun and strong winds. Do not lick your lips - relief will be short-lived, but the condition of your lips will only get worse.

Take care of your foots

Painful chaps in the heels are quite common, especially in winter. In these chaps some infections may occur, moreover, they cause pain when you’re walking. Means of petrolatum are the best for the treatment - put them on the foot, then wrap them with polyethylene, put on socks and leave overnight. After a couple of days you will notice an improvement.

Special care is needed for the skin of your hands

 Your hands may suffer greatly from the cold winter air. Frequent hand washing helps to fight bacteria, but only increases the dryness. And even if you wear gloves, your hands are affected by the cold much more than the rest of your body. Use hand cream based on glycerol it in the morning and evening, as well as you feel dryness of the skin throughout the day.

You should also choose other makeup preparations wisely. So, in the winter it’s better to use soap with a high content of oils. Moisturizers, which include dimethicone, glycerin, lanolin and mineral oil, are ideal for dry skin.

Shower will additionally help to wet your skin

However, a long and very hot shower will only worsen the situation. Therefore, choose warm water - so you do not break the fat balance of the skin. Immediately after showering use a body moisturizer. Means with glycerin and hyaluronic acid are the best. Baby or mineral oil are also a great choice.

Protect your hair from dryness

It’s not necessary to wash your hair every day in winter - it is better to do it through the day, as excess shampoo can strip your hair of moisture. Do not forget to use the conditioner and not be carried away by sating your hair with hairdryer and hot curling irons. And be sure to wear a headwear.


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