Subtle Energy for Healing; The Work of Dr. Yury Kronn

Oct 23


Boyd Martin

Boyd Martin

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In 1933 came the first hint that ... was horribly wrong with Modern Physics' view of the ... The galaxies and star clusters were moving away from each other, and doing it in ways that just


In 1933 came the first hint that something was horribly wrong with Modern Physics' view of the universe. The galaxies and star clusters were moving away from each other,Subtle Energy for Healing; The Work of Dr. Yury Kronn Articles and doing it in ways that just couldn't be possible given the basic assumptions of science at the time. From that day forward, scientists have been baffled and befuddled as the view of reality continued to depart from the mechanized nuts and bolts world of the 19th Century, into a fuzzier, more etheric and maleable one. The more scientists observed, the deeper the conundrum became.

By 1997, the Hubble Telescope was in full operation, and with this expanded view of the universe, the conclusion became that "something"--some kind of energy--has been continually rushing into the universe, pushing galaxies apart. It was dubbed "Dark Matter" because it couldn't be seen or measured, only deduced. This Dark Matter theory began explaining things in strange new ways for modern physicists, who were concluding that up to 95% of the mass of the universe couldn't be accounted for--an embarassing situation for many scientists...

However, these conclusions opened up huge possibilities for the understanding and verification of many forms of ancient medicine, as well as early theories about how the universe was formed and how matter is created. Enter Dr. Yury Kronn.

After spending nearly 20 years deep in research into quantum mechanics and dark matter, and serving as a professor at Moscow University, Dr. Kronn began to feel the constrictive effects of the Soviet on his work, as well as the work of his colleagues. In 1982, Dr. Kronn, together with ten other Russian dissidents, organized the "Trust Group," the first independent movement in the history of Russia for Trust and Peace between Russia and the Western world. In 1987, Dr. Kronn was again part of Russian history when he chaired the Disarmament Section of the first Moscow International Symposium for Humanitarian Problems, which was broadcast around the world. The KGB and Russian authorities persecuted him for his social activities. Finally, he was able to immigrate as a political refugee to the U.S. in 1988. Dr. Kronn arrived in the United States to start a new life with only a suitcase and $150.

Still on his mission to export his knowledge for the good of humanity, Dr. Kronn's immediate application of his research was in medicine. With the U.S. alternative health business booming, Dr. Kronn found many eager ears for his theories and his work, and soon was able to construct the Subtle Energy Field Infusion Generator (SEFIG).

The SEFIG had the unique ability to separate the "dark matter" or subtle energy from the electromagnetic energy residing in any substance. It was able to extract and "save" this subtle energy "signature" and then generate this signal and infuse it into any object. Associations with alternative medicine practitioners, medical doctors and scientists, provided ample opportunity to test the effects of this subtle energy infusion on people. "You know that traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy use the term 'Chi' for the energy which, according to them, sustains life in all living organisms," says Dr. Kronn. "Indians use the term 'Prana' for this same universal force. Actually each culture has its own term for this force. My technology is based on equipment that allows access to the world of that mysterious force we call subtle energy."

Another Dr. Kronn breakthrough was the discovery of different sub-divisions, or frequencies, within the subtle energy domain. In fact, he found that any substance had its own subtle energy signature. Additionally, by borrowing from the ancient modality of acupuncture, Dr. Kronn was able to extract the energetic signatures of the human acupuncture meridians, and infuse this energy into an ingestible substance, such as an ionic mineral solution. Says Dr. Kronn, "We print vital energy patterns onto magnetic tapes, infuse them into liquid trace minerals, crystals, oils and creams. Energy patterns can be infused into any substance capable of storing information. These energy infused substances serve as delivery tools of the patterns to the human energy system. We call them 'energy tools.'"

Test and after test, and extensive clinical use confirmed the same, consistent results among practitioners. Each time a client was given a subtle energy formula, it was like giving them a sudden jolt of life energy, or "chi," strengthening the targetted meridians. In many cases, this new infusion of energy was sufficient to "tip the scales" in favor of the patient over their condition or disease. "We found many effective vital energy patterns," reports Dr. Kronn. "One example is the pattern we call 'Stress Relief' (E-1). Ten drops of trace minerals infused with E-1 in a glass of water, relieves anxiety or agitation in minutes, relaxes tension, helps you sleep well, even for people who have sleeping problems. Imprinted in cream (E-3) this energy pattern demonstrates really miraculous properties. As a rule, it takes pain away--in the case of soft tissue damage, in less than a minute. It prevents bruising, prevents burns from blistering, and it drastically accelerates the healing process."

Many of the practitioners reported stronger and more defined measurements when testing for possible remedies using kinesiology or electro-dermal screening devices. And in many cases, the subtle energy formulas alone resolved cases outright. Redding, California, Naturopath Dr. Dan Davis reports, "I have a room with over 400 items I can use to help my patients' wellbeingness. With the E-1, E-2 and E-3, literally half those products I don't need any more."

Despite the predictable results of subtle energy ("chi") use in medicine, the modality is slow to gain acceptance in the medical community, just as Acupuncture, Qigong, Reiki or even homeopathy are dismissed. The simple fact is that subtle energy does not interact directly with physical matter, and so, measuring devices cannot measure it. And for the vast majority of medical scientists, if the energy cannot be measured, it does not exist. "Scientists already know that the particles of dark matter don’t interact with the electromagnetic field," Dr. Kronn says. "But our scientists have not yet made the next logical step towards understanding the universe’s function, and that is that the Chi force field does not interact directly with the particles of our physical world. That is why scientific equipment cannot measure it. That is why the majority of scientists don't believe in the existence of Chi."

To answer this conundrum of current modern science, Dr. Kronn cites several experiments to help confirm his subtle energy indirect-interaction hypothesis:

Changes in the infrared spectrum of water under the influence of receiving energy from a healing practitioner using a method called "laying on hands." (REF.)
Strong changes in the pH of water and alcohol and in the solubility of dye under the influence of a healing practitioner's energy. (REF.)
There is a significant change in the precipitation process of salts of different metals as the planets change their position in reference to each other. (REF.)
In addition, to answer the famous "placebo effect" among humans--where the suggestion or expectation of an effect by the patient often causes the effect--Kentucky veterinarian, Dr. Gary Tran, has used subtle energy formulas on animals, from snakes to dogs, cats to birds, with great success very consistently. "With animals there is no placebo effect. I use the E-1 a lot to sedate and tranquilize intractable animals so that we can work with them. It's especially good with cats. Cats are very difficult to work with, especially to medicate them. I use E-1. I give them about five drops, and the nasty ones I give 10 drops and they pretty much calm down and are easy to work with." Additionally, Dr. Kronn has demonstrated dramatic results on plants and seed germination.

The future potential of subtle energy science and its therapeutic uses are quickly being realized. "I believe that human potential is almost unlimited," declares Dr. Kronn. "Among other things, my group is working on energy patterns for stimulating 'paranormal abilities' in people. It is possible that these abilities could become normal for a vast number of people. I hope that it will be possible to fully realize our human potential and make great improvements in the quality of our lives in this stressful age."


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