Swift Wind Turbine Improves Energy Efficiency

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After much success installing over 250 home wind turbines in Scotland, Cascading Engineering is bringing the Swift wind turbine to US and Canadian shores.

After having much success installing over 250 home wind turbines in Scotland,Guest Posting Cascading Engineering is bringing the Swift wind turbine to America and Canada.

The company that specializes in plastics, partnered with Swift's Scottish designer, Renewable Devices, to install the revolutionary small wind turbine in the U.S. households.

What sets the Swift apart from other small wind turbines is the reduced noise it produces. In addition, the turbine can be attached to rooftops instead of towers.  With it's five blades and "outer diffuser" ring, the company claims vibration is reduced, resulting in only 35 decibels of noise.

With the turbine's seven foot diameter and two fins to help it face the wind, it can rotate 360 degrees and it automatically shuts down in very strong winds.  All the elements of its unique design allow the Swift to generate up to 1.5 kW of power in 14 mile per hour winds.  This equates to approximately 2000 kilowatt hours per year, which is about a quarter of the electricity consumed by a typical U.S. household.

At a cool $10 000 to be installed, this turbine does not come cheap.  However, the upfront cost is significantly lower when state tax credits of $1000 for households, and $4000 for businesses is taken into account.

According to Jessica Lehti, Cascade's senior product marketing manager, this Michigan-based plastics company has already installed 9 Swift turbines in America, and still has at least 25 orders to go.

With a customer base split between residential consumers and businesses, the company is in high hopes that it can sell the Swift to anyone with economic or environmental purposes in mind - even while the economy is in turmoil.

But we disagree with Cascade - not anyone is going to fork out $10 000 just so they can help the environment.  Furthermore, the electricity savings realized by households will only cover their investment after 12 years!

Unless people have the money, we are not sure why anyone would want to waste $10 000, when they could easily make their own small wind turbine at home. Although it would be less efficient than commercial ones, if you built enough of them, you could easily make 2000kW hours of power per year.

In fact, many people all over the U.S are making their own power systems at home, and they are showing others how to do it with step-by-step instruction manuals.  We have a list of these manuals in our reviews section if you feel the need to make your own energy at home.

To conclude, as much as we like the commercial Swift wind turbine, it is not affordable enough for average households to install. So, until technology and prices improve, we are better off making our own renewable energy solutions at home.

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