5 common link building myths in 2021

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Anything that concerns SEO, we all know that link matters as it is a means of promoting your website on the other websites relevant to your niche. Also, links matter a lot, and you should be careful not to fall into pitfalls.

Linking-building has gone through a series of changes in recent years with the Google algorithm,Guest Posting so knowing the link-building strategy to the search engine is quite important as it takes your business to the next level.

Myth 1: Backlinks no longer work

The unenlightened one will tell you that creating a backlink is time-wasting because they don’t function anymore after Google’s algorithm was updated last year. The myth stems from the fear that your hard-earned links will be useless in the end, and this is not the case if you know how things are done correctly. Most people don’t figure out that link building is more than just getting other sites to reference yours.  Several months or years are spent to have a good reputation on the web as an authority site, but if there is proper research and advice into what works best for any given industry, the process can go much faster.

Myth 2: Difficulty of category and product pages

This is one of the significant and top misconceptions. We know it is essential to incorporate direct links into product and category pages for increased search visibility. One of the misconceptions is adding links to product and category pages because it is difficult. This is not true but false. It is most likely that you will be able to do so. What you have to do is to make sure you give people a genuine reason to link.

Myth 3: Only no-follow links are provided by top-tier news sites

There are various projects, and we have received multiple links from top-tier sites from different journalists, readers, and a variety of other writers. Being prepared and aware of this before submitting the campaign is the best way to defeat this obstacle. You must conduct an analysis. When you pursue writers and individual journalists, check if they link. It can give you a pictorial representation of what the editorial policies could look and feel like. Many SEO services in Canada can make your life easier.

Myth 4: Relevancy is not the king

This is also a misconception that relevancy is not king. In February, John Mueller published a short snippet and emphasized that having a relevant link is equivalent to having hundreds with lower and less relevancy.

This assists you in having a good understanding of Google’s direction. A clear difference between Google and John shows that the term “content is king” needs to change to “relevancy is king.” This is because brands will be rewarded, and their search visibility will improve due to the high-quality followed links.

Myth 5: You cannot ask for a link

It is compulsory to request a connection from a writer, webmaster, or journalist at a top-tier publication. If they have your insights, campaign, or material, not every researcher or journalist will provide you with the connection you ask for. However, if you don’t ask, you wouldn’t get it, and you may receive a no-follow link. Also, do not be demanding. If they find interest in your note or article, appreciate them for their time and mention it has been great working with them. The least they will tell you is to include your link or tell you it is not what they do or in it.

Final Thoughts

SEO - We can say SEO has a lot of myths that make it difficult for people to get their website to rank well on the search engine. Over a period, the world of link building has changed a lot, so ignoring myths is essential to make your link building produce the result.

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