5 Most Effective Off Page SEO Tactics for B2B Business

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Off page SEO is not just about building links when it comes to promoting and marketing B2B websites. But it requires advanced and the latest off page SEO strategies that are given in this article in details.

Off page SEO is totally opposite of on page SEO. Unlike on page SEO that involves working on web pages; off page tactics are employed external to your website. On the web,Guest Posting you will find so many articles and books explaining on-page and off-page SEO, but this article focuses on B2B businesses. It is an integral part of search engine optimization of every online business. It is a long term and continuous process to achieve favorable results.

Popular techniques for off page SEO are social media, social bookmarking, directory submissions and other. But these work only for business to customer (B2C) businesses. And, for Business to Business (B2B), same tactics don’t work. Although you can do these things to your website optimization on search engines, you must know the real off page SEO tactics that work for B2B businesses.

Best Off-Page SEO Techniques for B2B Businesses

# Blog Commenting and Forum Posting

Blog commenting is one of the oldest and most effective of page technique today. It helps build strong relationships with the blog readers and helps you get a great amount of traffic. Leaving genuine and helpful information on popular blogs means you will get quality backlinks naturally. And, if you are getting backlinks that means you will attain a better search engine ranking as well as more subscribers.

Forum posting is another way to earn quality inbound backlinks. Forum links allow you to boost the popularity of your website, thus increasing your ranking and search engines and bringing more traffic to your website. You get direct referrals and leads through forum postings. Search engines also love forums and these are well cached by search engines. It’s true that forum posting results take time to appear, but it’s worth the investment in terms of time and money.

# Content Sharing

Content marketing is a buzzword in the SEO industry and is a part of mainstream online marketing. Content on your website gives customers a reason to stick with you. High quality content, giving useful information to the customers in an easy-to-read manner brings higher visibility and higher domain authority to your website. Along with these, it also brings more referral and social media traffic, while increasing your brand reputation.  

Creating content is a different thing and sharing content is different. First of all, sharing is an inexpensive way to have direct access to a huge customer base. It is a fun way to solidify your online marketing strategy. You can share content using: social media, videos or presentations to help you drive traffic quickly through off page SEO tactics.

# Link Building

Quality links on the web for your website bring authority to your website. Google recognizes it and gives your website a higher ranking. How to get links from authoritative sites? The only way to do this is to create relevant, fresh and useful content, which can be in the form of text, video or images. Nothing can draw potential customers’ attention than an original and highly sharable content. Link building offers the following benefits: increase brand visibility, page authority, and exposure to industry authorities and increases your credibility. Make sure that you earn link, but don’t buy links.

# Article Submission and Press Releases Off Page SEO

Both article submission and press release distribution are proven tactic to improve your websites off page SEO.  Undoubtedly, it takes time to achieve results from these two strategies, but these are effective in the long term. Through article submission, you get quality links to your website. It is a free advertising method that boosts your person and business credibility. It gives you large exposure to millions of potential customers. You do not need a website to generate leads and sales with this method.  On the other hand, the benefits of press release distribution include: brand awareness, lead generation, SEO maximization and thought leadership. But remember, one press release is not going to advertise or promote all aspects of your business. The best strategy is to create an original, meaningful and SEO-friendly press release for distribution on good sites on a regular basis.

# Yellow Pages Advertising

Each ad with Yellow Pages advertising is highly targeted. It targets only those people who are ready to buy from you. Your advertising is available to shoppers 24 hours per day. Tracking results and ROI from these pages is easier. With this off page SEO tactic, you advertise your services and products in one shot to a wider global audience. Depending on your requirements, you can customize your ad’s appearance, color and size, etc. It allows customers to access your business through these ads anywhere and anytime.

Focusing on these B2B off page SEO tactics, you can enhance your business website’s ranking easily and effectively.

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