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Dec 25


Natasha Ross

Natasha Ross

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I am a professional SEO and I've worked in this business for more than five years now. I know what it takes to optimize a site. I also know what it takes to build traffic to any site quickly and efficiently. Too many of my clients get bad advice from the latest traffic building books. As an SEO I know which ideas work and which ones won't.


As a professional SEO,Build Traffic To Your Site - Choose the Tools Articles everyday I get to hear about the latest traffic building tips, or the latest search engine ranking tools. The simple fact is that there are so many people out there trying to sell you information to build traffic to your site that sorting through them all can be difficult. Some of the junk that's on the market is quite astounding.

There are good books that will teach you how to build traffic to your site, and there are excellent software tools that will do if for you. The problem is that finding the good ones can be quite hard. With that let's talk about what the latest traffic building tips book, or software tool, is and is not.

First, the latest eBook on traffic building is NOT the be-all-end-all solution to get top Google Rankings. You will also need to apply what it teaches and work to gain those rankings.

Second, NOT everyone will need the latest traffic building tips or software tool. If you intention isn't to make money from your site, then the money spent on that $200 software tool won't be worth it anyway.

Third, the latest traffic building tool IS an excellent way to build free traffic to your web site. Whether it's a social bookmarking tool, an SEO toolbox, or any other traffic building idea, if you choose the right product you will get a stampede of traffic to your site!

Fourth, if you don't take the time to choose the right tools you will be wasting your money. Worse than that, if the methods used to gain traffic include black hat SEO methods or other uncouth ideas, you might lose the search engine rankings you already have!

For my own knowledge, and to have an answer when clients ask, I took the time to evaluate the top tools on the market for building traffic. I worked with a few colleagues on this one so that we could really put each product through the test. We based our evaluations on the following criteria.

Traffic Building - Obviously our main criteria for evaluating traffic building tips and tools was: How much traffic could we build to a site?

Short Term Traffic - Did the tool build traffic right away?

Long Term Traffic - Did our efforts also work to build traffic over the longer term? In other words did it help us with SEO rankings?

Ease of Use - How easy was it to implement the ideas that each tool included? If it was a book did it lay it all out clearly? For the software tools, were they easy to install and use?

Legal SEO Ideas - Higher rankings were given to tools that only suggested legal SEO ideas (avoided black-hat SEO).

Time to Implement - Were we able to implement the ideas and begin building traffic quickly?

Overall Rating - Based on all other factors how did the book or software tool rate?

To evaluate each product we bought them and then implemented each one on two sites. When we were working with a site we didn't use any other ideas beside those which we given with the product we were working with. We then evaluated the effectiveness by looking at how much traffic we were able to generate in a week, in a month, and over a three month period of time.

Below you will find our evaluations for the top four traffic-building tools on the market today. Our recommendations are clearly laid out, but please don't hesitate to email me ( if you need help deciding where to start.

Also once you do implement the tools be sure to contact me (email above) and let me know how things are going. I would enjoy hearing from those who are benefiting from our hard work with the evaluations.

To Building a Pile of Traffic to your Site,

Joey Fribano


Social Bookmarking Demon


Traffic Building

Long Term Traffic

Ease of Use

Overall Rating

Click to get a Pile of

Free Web Traffic!

#1 Rated Traffic Builder for 2011

The clear winner from our evaluations was Social Bookmarking Demon. This one tool built more traffic to our sites in the shorter term, and gained us higher search engine rankings for the longer term, than any other tool on our list.

As the name suggests Social Bookmarking Demon is a tool that automates the process of bookmarking a site in the Social Bookmark sites. It automates the entire process from signing up for the sites, to adding your content to them every time you make an addition to your own site.

In case you don't know what Social Bookmaking is, it includes sites like Stumble, or Digg that allow you to vote for your content and then leave a link for others to come back to it. Doing this by yourself can be extremely time consuming, but it does work to build both high-quality back links, and to build traffic quickly.

With Social Bookmarking Demon the entire process is automated and you can build hundreds of back links in just days. This works to get your site rated in the search engines faster, and to bring a large amount of traffic to your site in both the short and long term.

The software includes beginner mode which will allow even the least technical user to get started, and the advanced mode will definitely appeal to experienced marketers.

Based on all of our criteria, Social Bookmarking Demon clearly takes top spot:

Adware Award 2009

December Update: I've just learned that Social Bookmarking Demon is now selling for only $147. I contacted them and was told that this is a limited-time offer and that soon the price will go back up to $197. I do suggest you take advantage of this one now.

In Summary: With the sites we tested Social Bookmarking Demon with we built more traffic, and we built it faster than with any other tool on our list. Really this one is as simple as buying it, and plugging it into your site. From that Social Bookmarking Demon gets out top pick.

Click Here to Bookmark like a Demon!


Traffic Building

Long Term Traffic

Ease of Use

Overall Rating

Highly Recommended

2. SEO Elite

In second place we have a product called SEO Elite. This is another software product, and it's one we definitely feel is worth the money. In fact, if you can afford both, I would suggest buying this one along with Social Bookmarking Demon.

SEO Elite's focus is on SEO instead of link building, and as such it makes an excellent supplementary tool that will help you to double your efforts in building traffic.

SEO Elite is designed by Brad Callen, and allows you to automate keyword research to decide what you will need to do to make top Google rankings in any market. It makes suggestions on keywords to use, how to use them, and even how to mix them up when you add new content to the site.

The software is simple to use, and it will have you climbing in the search engine rankings quickly. For short term traffic, it didn't work as well as Social Bookmarking Demon, but since the focus is different we didn't really expect it too.

With the sites we used this one on we did manage to gain top rankings in a couple of markets in less than a month. I am highly recommending this one as the next purchase to make after you get Social Bookmarking Demon!

Click Here to go Elite

Small Business Internet Secrets

Rating 6.9/10

Traffic Building

Long Term Traffic

Ease of Use

Overall Rating

Also Recommended

3. Small Business Internet Secrets

Taking third place is course called Small Business Internet Secrets. This one actually worked well in the traffic building areas, but it failed in a few others.

First, it's just a course, and it will require you to implement everything yourself. Since the first two products on our list automated the process, this brought the course way down in the Ease-of-Use rankings.

The next problem we have is the price. At $279 for the course you could buy both of our top two products and not spend that much more.

With Small Business Internet Secrets, the methods taught are sound, and it will work to build traffic to your site. But you can expect to spend hours taking the course, and the same amount of time implementing the ideas taught. For most the top two products on our list are a better choice.

Click Here for Internet Secrets

Web Traffic Machines


Traffic Building

Long Term Traffic

Ease of Use

Overall Rating

Also Recommended

4. Web Traffic Machines

The last product on our list is called Web Traffic machines. This one is actually a collection of software tools and eBooks that teach you how to build traffic, and also automates the process to a certain degree.

This one performed well in Short term traffic building so it may be a decent choice for a web site that you are only keeping around for a while. Over the longer term though, this one won't help you with serious SEO.

It's better than you could likely achieve yourself (at least for most people), but if your looking for a real traffic building solution then this wouldn't be my first pick.

All-in-all this one did perform, and it is in our top four. If your serious about building traffic though, the top two products on our list are both better choices.

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