Don’t Forget These Basic Search Engine Optimization Methods

Jan 26


Shailendra Singh1

Shailendra Singh1

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SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It is a systematic process of putting your website’s best foot forward when it comes to visibility in major search-engines, such as Google and Yahoo.

However,Don’t Forget These Basic Search Engine Optimization Methods Articles the site owner should also understand that the ultimate consumer of the content on the site is the user and not the search engines. So, the content on the site should be such that it benefits the consumers. I hope this article give you some fresh ideas on how to improve your site. Remember that Googebot crawls content on the Internet for Google’s index, every day. Also search engine optimization in India (or in any other part of the world) affects a site’s rankings only in organic search results, not in paid results, such as Google AdWords.

SEO Basic Methods that Should Never be Forgotten:

• Create unique, accurate page titles for website. Believe me, it helps a lot. 

• Create separate page titles for each web page on your site. The page title should clearly convey as to why this page is different from the rest on the site. 

• Create your description Meta Tags with utmost care. These Meta Tags might be taken as summary of your web pages by Googlebot and other search engines.

• Navigation is important. Make sure that you plan out your “root page” or home page carefully. Usually a home page is the most visited page on your site. It should be such that the visitor can visit other relevant pages with ease. Don’t leave any space for confusion. Keep your focus on simplicity and easy-of-use.

• Create unique and simple URLs. The URLs should be such that it is easy for both the users and search-engines.

• Create compelling and useful content. It’s the quality of content that crawlers seem to love the most. Also, don’t stuff the content with key-words and key-phrases.

• Google AdWords and Google Webmaster Tools provide you with ample of resources that you could use to improve your site.

Hope, I’m on track so far! A professional SEO company in Delhi can push your website up on the search-result pages, on certain specified key-words and key-phrases. This will ensure that your consumers find your site when they search for the products and/or services, you sell. There are numerous companies in Delhi which provide SEO services. So, all you need to do is pick up a reliable SEO services provider in Delhi. Since there are many out there, it won’t take you long before you find an ideal service provider for your website.