Do's and Dont's on SEO

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as webmaster know, search engine optimization is a tedious job and process for a long term goal. Creating or optimizing site to rank high is a challenge. Different and thousands of questions left unanswered like how can one maintain the rank on search engines. As for thoughts on seo do's and dont's here are some points to consider.

DO's on SEO

1.Natural Link Buil-Up. Creating links on natural way means having links to your site on a long term not in a thousand link on a snap or a blink in of an eye.

2. Creating a search engine friendly url or links. This clearly indicates good points where search engine bots can easily crawl your site without those long url or session id attached to the page being optimized.

3. Quality backlinks or related backlinks. Meaning if your site is about food,Guest Posting webmaster should have links pointing to their site that is related or close to related on food topic.

4. Avoid linking to sites you think and considered to be spam sites.

5. On links pointing to your site. Be sure that your site is on the page where links are enough and cannot be more than 100 site on one page.

6. Links signature should be the keyword you want your site to be optimized.

7. On the issue of keyword. A varying keywords also helps on site optimization. Not just a single word for keyword but a phrase help. Say you want your site to be optimize for word "actress", you can try combination that have actress on it, taking an example like, "site for actress" or the like.

8. Be sure that sitemap is accessible on your site on both grounds. From search engine bots view and human view. Site should be accessible by bots meaning bots can crawl your site without a blockage unless you want your site not to be crawled. Human readable sitemap helps on visitors navigation to your site.

9.Utilize the power of article submission.

10. A descriptive title of your site or pages that meets the quality guidelines of search engine like title not greater than 30 characters.

11.On content. A fresh and relevant content is basically a must have on a site. Sites not updated for a long time make it look like dead on human view and on search engine view.

12. On site description. Be constructive on your site description. Having your keyword on your site description repetitively can hurt your site on search engines.


1. Building links in a glance. Too early links like a thousand links in a short span of time can put your site on the sandbox of penalized.

2. Avoiding link farms.

3. Redirect site to other pages can also hurt site integrity.

4. Hidden text to fool search engines to rank high is also being pick up by bots thus considering your site out of their quality guidelines5. Avoid submitting your site using automatic submission service.

6. DONT SPAM. You can check my site here ituloy angsulong

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