Search Engine Optimization Strategy that Supercharges your Website Revenues

Jun 5


muna wa wanjiru

muna wa wanjiru

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For most people new to the home based Google Adsense internet business, the thought of making it big, so fast, seams to overwhelm them, given the hype that circulates daily in the internet marketing field.

Most of information passed all over the internet about Adsense revenue is shrounded in half truths and does not reflect the basics of Search Engine Optimization Strategy,Search Engine Optimization Strategy that  Supercharges your Website Revenues Articles that any inexperienced webmaster should understand with ease and effectively outdo any competition. First, like any offline business, one cannot overlook the importance of growth over a Long period of time in all factors related to your website growth and deveopment.

There are two major growth parameters in any website; The On Page Search Engine Optimization Strategy and The Off Page Search Engine Optimization Strategy. Each of these Search Engine Optimization strategy are so related that none can survive without the other.

The On Page Search Engine Optimization Strategy involve; The structure of the Title Tags on your web page, The Keywords, The Description Tag, The Robot Text file, The Keyword density, The keyword Positioning, The Alt Image Text, The h1, h2, h3 Tags and The positioning of the Navigational Links,

While the Off Page Search Engine Optimization Strategies is solely dependent on; The number of Reciprocal links on your webpage, Non Reciprocal Links to your webpage The amount of fresh content on your webpage. Please, kindly note the use of the word "webpage". Webpage, since this is the basic unit of ranking used by virtually all search engines.

The Search Engine Robots are such intelligent that they are able to decipher, from the content of your webpage, the Keywords and the Keyword Density once they pass through your site. The robots will also take the first 20-25 words of the most relevant sentence on your content which you notice on the description of your webpage once they have indexed it. For this reason one may feel that On Page Search Engine Optimization Strategy may not be as important, but for the purpose of Off Page Optimization, The h1, h2, h3 tags and the webpage content are the basic reason for any webmaster to want to link to your site.

The competition for targeted visitors is Immense. This means that its important to include all these factors on your webpage since basic reasoning will prevail while ranking is done by the search engines. A Webpage which has done On Page Optimization will rank better than that which has not, even though it may have good content.

Off Page Optimization Search Engine Optimization Strategy is the cradle of ranking by the search engines. The more relevant web pages that have linked to you, the better for your website. There is some basic understanding that, the anchor text used in linking should be similar to the content on your webpage, but any serious webmaster will tell you that not withstanding the anchor text, the content from both WebPages linking to each other should be closely related. If your webpage content is about Acne, linking to a webpage about health with Acne anchor text will hurt your ranking.