Title tag plays major role in SEO

Sep 3


koilraj abraham

koilraj abraham

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Looking for an important and fast SEO optimization? Change your title tags with relevant keyword; you can see dramatic changes as faster than other optimization.

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What is title tag?
A title tag is the page info text that is normally displayed at the top of the browser window.  In html page,Title tag plays major role in SEO Articles it will be located inside the header tag.

Search engine crawlers use these title tag text as the page info for displaying results. You can see Google results with title href followed by description of the page in the next line.

Guidelines for using title tag texts

1. Create title tag within 60 characters length; hence the maximum length of a title text to be displayed in search results should be between 60-70 characters.  If your title text length is greater than 60, Google will truncate remaining characters and displays with ... extension. W3C standard is 64 characters length. http://www.w3.org/Provider/Style/TITLE.html

2. Focus on your main keyword instead of multiple keywords in the title tag.

3. Use the title tag with proper cases similar to your page header.

4. Each and every page must have the title and it must be unique. Avoid using the same title on every page of your website.

5. Use relevant text to clearly communicate the contents of the page to the search visitor.

6. Include the name of your organization in the title tag of your home page.

Roles of the title tag

1. Increases click rate from search impressions - If you use relevant title text on your page, targeted visitors would love to enter on to your site.

2. Must needed for webmaster's link exchange program - If you have the valid title tag, your link partner will link your site by title text as the href text.

3. Easy navigation from browser - The title text displayed on browser tells the visitor, where he or she is on your website.

4. Easy for search engines to categorize your website pages in specific topics.

SEO Software Submitter keyword editor allows you to edit your title tag without HTML knowledge.

Good luck for your SEO success!