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Teams worked on understanding how a page is ranked and how the spiders searched contents to get the best results. The development was drilled down to a scientific formula where in anyone who had this knowledge of how it works could churn out the content. This is when all teams decided to change the way a page would get ranked or rated into the first page of a search engine. Initially it was also based on number of clicks that one would get on a website. There came a time when people were getting paid to just click on multiple links. This was a clear manipulation and never gave a result what people required.

This was one of the major factors search engines stopped publishing on the various methods how a page would get ranked. This is when all the companies started realizing even without having being ranked on top a page could still come up on the 1st page of the search engine. Amazing isn’t it now that is called a curve ball. When least expected it turns and completely changes the outcome of the game.

Here is what should be expected going forward as far as SEO is concerned.

  1. Build content that is compelling. When developing a content the team should look at the audience that the content is targeted at. The audience would then become the study. Based on the audience is the content developed. The content doesn’t need to have keywords but what it requires is to compel the audience to read it. This is done by creating interest in the content and that is only done when the content is good to read. The keywords can get you the audience however the quality of the content would keep the audience enthralled with you.
  2. Make the content user friendly. Different users have different ways in which they get interested in the content,Guest Posting for some it is pictures, for others it is videos. Depending on the target audience add in additional visual content into the already developed content. Like they say a picture speaks a 1000 words same way little additions in the content would make it that much more compelling.
  3. Using social network. When developing content for the target audience use the social networking medium to reach the audience. This is where it comes into picture when the content is shared on social media the person who shares in the peer group, it is quite the truth that people would have similar interest. It’s like getting a list of audience handed out for free.
  4. Engage audience. Most people forget the basics of business where it is said the customer is the king. When audience is like a customer, then there should be no reason why an audience would not be asked for the kind of content they would like to read. This gets the goodness of goodwill as well as now the audience is compelled to see how their likes and answers are getting implemented.
  5. SEO is content engagement now. The SEO experts previously was mostly technical in nature, where there were a whole lot of numbers on the board which were then analyzed and worked at. Now when content has started to become the king the requirements from SEO is no longer technical but of a meaningful relationship.

When all these things have been kept in mind and the necessary changes made, that’s when websites start getting traffic that is meaningful. The audience that come in would be not just for one time but repeated visitors.

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