The Critical Thing You Need to Know About Your Website Statistics

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What web and network statistics are and why they are important

If you want to know why your website statistics are important,Guest Posting there’s a lot of information out there that can help you. When you look at the dozens of different networking tools, you can see that there’s a great demand for data mining. When we’re responsible for our own network or our company’s network, we need those statistics for many reasons.

An audit trail is important. Knowing who did what , where they did it and what the outcome was can be important later from a paper trail perspective and from a legal standpoint. Having the reporting functionality on your system can help you pull current or old data in minutes which can help you make business decisions.

Security is critical in this day and age. Statistical reporting can tell you about potential threats. You can find out what threats failed, what was intercepted by your network and what got through. Having this information can help you troubleshoot and fix problems as well as be prepared for the future so that you can intercept problems before they penetrate your network.

From a human resources standpoint, you can find out from statistics who is working hard and who is hardly working. You can also block objectionable content and find out who is doing what. This can be important for promotional situations and can be helpful when you are losing valuable bandwidth to someone who is abusing company resources.

From a growth perspective, website statistics tell you what’s working and what isn’t. If you have many hits on your landing page only but very few sales, your reporting can show you where you might be going wrong. You can learn about where your traffic is coming from and what your keyword density is and you can manage your growth by tracking where successful traffic came from so you can focus your energy on those types of things.

Remote monitoring statistics can provide you with valuable data about response times to downtime, percentage of uptime and much more. This kind of information can help you when you have a good record to win new business and when it’s hurting your record, this information can provide you with clear direction for what areas in your website infrastructure need to be tweaked or upgraded.

Many different companies make many different products to help you manage your data on your network or website. There are tools that are easy to use and user friendly and very basic. There are also tools that are extremely high end and more robust. If you aren’t sure how much detail you truly need in terms of data mining, it’s a good idea to start with a small but upgradeable product. But whatever you do, remember that your web server statistic are among the most important pieces of data you can handle.

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