Making money on the Internet, not quite free

Apr 8


Desmo Boss

Desmo Boss

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Making money on the Internet is every ones dream, and in reality, can be successful without risk of losing money, if simple precautions are observed. This article teaches a system whereby to creating a successful Internet presence, which results in an Internet business which creates wealth, by following simplistic tried and tested methods, without financial risk...


To make money on the Internet is not about spending hard earned money out of your pocket,Making money on the Internet, not quite free Articles to gamble on an online venture, in the hope of making millions of bucks online.

At the best only spend a percentage of profits from the online venture. The truth is that money can be forthcoming from an online presence, but the major preparation involving an Internet presence must be accomplished before the stage of spending the hard earned cash out of your own pocket.

The vast majority of online ventures will not be successful, for a multitude of unknown reasons. The successful Internet entrepreneur will identify a niche area for success and exploit the niche market for all its worth. But very rarely, will the successful entrepreneur, who is genuinely earning a living on the Internet, will be successful in their first attempt.

  To be successful on the Internet and earn money, the first understanding must be to identify the niche market. The marketer must identify a product that the Internet buyer has a necessity to buy. Various methods are available to determine which products are in buying fashion on the Internet, although, research and correct marketing must be conducted to evaluate the potential marketing possibilities.

When all said and done, I will always suggest that the most successful products to sell on the Internet are websites selling software downloads – ebooks, utilities, etc. The fact that download websites involve most importantly, instant gratification to the buyer, which is important to the buyer, as if allowing the buyer to visit any website selling another type of product, the possibility that buyer some other useful product which will give instant gratification.

So without hesitation, I would consider as a good starter website being a software download website. One of the main reasons in selecting an instant software download website is the fact that once the relatively easy task of creating the website that is unique and not duplicated on the Internet, the hard work to advertise, promote and market the downloadable website begins.

Now more importantly, don’t believe that buying a cheap template website on eBay, and expect the major search engines, to rank the cheap template which is replicated millions of times on the Internet, to achieve or sustain the number one position in Yahoo or Google search engines.

Yahoo and Google insist on unique and non replicated website content. Their search engine algorithms will not allow replicated template websites to be indexed, instead the website will be ‘sandboxed’, and remain useless as a money maker for the poor buyer who bought it. The only profiteer will be the seller on eBay, who have probably sold hundreds of exactly the same template.

Instead to provide a fighting chance to making money on the Internet, try a technique I use, which I have gained expertise over the previous 30 + years, developing websites usually from free website templates found anywhere on the Internet search engines.

I have gained my expertise not from a university degree of computer studies – I am a graduate in social studies, instead I have research and studied the subject matter on the Internet, and purchased books on the subjects involving website creation and effective SEO and marketing.

The technique I have perfected is to find a free website template, I have a collection of millions of website templates, they can be bought in bulk off eBay auction for a few dollars, and with website scripts, purchased for under twenty dollars – they can be reused thousands of times on website templates, and create a unique instant downloadable website.

The website scripts are recommended as they will reduce the work involved in recreating the free template, as the script contains a small program, which will automate the particular upgrade to the template. To give an example, a website script which will create a download store automatically, without knowing a word of html or php coding. This script will generate the software download website, and more amazing, it is simple to use.

Unfortunately, one can create the best designed website on the Internet, but without any visitors the best website on the Internet will fail. The software download website must be created specifically to attract targeted visitors, as without visitors no website sales and no profits. There are a number of techniques to attract targeted visitors to a newly created unique website.

One of the main techniques is by allowing the major search engines – Yahoo and Google, the two search power most of the other major search engines, that one only needs to concentrate on these two search engines, to attract the targeted visitors by means of embedding selected keywords in your website landing page, and when the searcher writes in the search term keyword, they will be directed to your website.

Although this technique to attract targeted visitors through the two major search engines is only one element in search engine optimization techniques. The two major search engines will not readily include newly created websites which uses new domain names, as so many domains names are dropped after the first year of ownership.

So in essence, the newly created instant software download website will need to confirm to the two major search engines that the created website is in for the long haul. The only way of confirming this is the amount of hard work in preparation of the websites popularity.

The more popular the website, combined with the embedded keywords, prove to the two major search engines that the website is valuable – the more popular the website the easier the task to reach the first three pages in the search engine results pages. To create a money making website, the website must be popular, and when we consider popularity concerning a website with regards to search engines, the are specifically mean back links.

Back links must be from websites which is relevant to your websites keywords, and even more importantly, the back linked websites to your website, must be of a higher ranking than your website. Failure to adhere to these search engine algorithms will result in the offending website – yours, being demoted in the search engine rankings or even worse, your website being ‘sandboxed’, or banned altogether from the major search engine rankings and indexing. Unfortunately you will not be aware of the search engine sanctions.

Take extra care and selection of conducting back links to websites, as any mistakes can be extremely costly, and once your website is ‘sandboxed’ in reality it is not known for certain, whether the website, will ever be re indexed. There are some rumours that suggest the ‘sandboxed’ website will be re instated in six to twelve months, but one thing is certain, the major search engines is tight lipped about this issue.

The second way to attract targeted visitors is to create unique articles, similar this article, and submit the unique article to Article Submission Websites. Include your website links in the Author Bio, and as the unique article is distributed throughout the Internet, one the back links are generated, indexed by the two major search engines. In addition, the article reader have direct access to your website, if clicked will receive a visitor who is interested to buy your product – targeted visitor.

Creating unique articles is an excellent technique for developing back links to your website, but insist the articles must be unique and of the highest quality. Some of the best Article Submission Websites, rightly with check the article prior to publishing, to ascertain the uniqueness and relevancy of the content.

If the Article Submission Websites, using a copyright website, finds that your article is copied or re-worded and is not your unique writing, then your Article Submission Websites Account is likely to be suspended or even deleted. Even worse your writing integrity as an article writer and an expert in a particular area will be damaged, maybe beyond repair.

There are many other techniques involved in creating a money making website, but that will need to wait, or at least, until the next unique article.