6 Attitude Types That Pre-Define Your Life - Which One Are You?

Aug 19


Chris Ford

Chris Ford

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Is your attitude keeping you from your destiny? Do you suffer or struggle in certain areas of your life? Your relationships, business, finances?


There are 6 different attitude types that determine your position in life. 6 attitudes that determine your success or failure. If you are having trouble in certain areas of your life,6 Attitude Types That Pre-Define Your Life - Which One Are You? Articles whether it be in business, relationships or your finances, take a look at your attitude.

Attitidue 1 - The Poverty Attitude - This is an attitude of those that are basically afraid and look for an opportunity that may help them pay their bills this month. These people usually blame others for their outcome. This attitude encourages a state of dependence. A dependence on others instead of taking responsibility for their actions. The people with this attitude generally have little or no money.

Attitide 2 - The Paycheck-to-Paycheck Attitude -This attitude is a step up from the poverty attitude, Generally, this type person is always looking for job security and will take very few risks. They focus on the risk in the opportunity rather than the reward. his type person may even become bitter to a friend who is successful. Fear is pre-dominant in their life. Fear of stepping out of their comfort zone. Fear of anything that may jeopardize their paycheck.

Attitude 3 - The Middle Income Attitude - This attitude is usually a somewhat healthy attitude in some areas and these types usually spend their money on get-rich-quick ideas that make them no money at all. They generally have lots of free time and are open to coaching or training that would improve their position.

4 - The Game Player Attitude - This is the Middle Income Attitude that with coaching can be raised to a higher level. This person takes someone else's game and plays it to the maximum. Instead of earning $50,000 per year, this person may be earning $150,000-$200,000 per year. Not a bad place to be when compared to the majority of people in the world.

5 - The Game Maker Attitude - This person can create their own game or play someone else's game for a piece of the action. These people usually create a lot of wealth and see themselves as a partner with their chosen company or product. They are as concerned about the company's success as their own success. This type person has lots of self-confidence and makes lots of money.

6 - The Millionaire's Maker Attitude - What's exciting about this attitude is that its available to everyone regardless of where you are currently or what your current attitude is. This attitude frees you from money and allows you to experience life from a whole new perspective. With this attitude, you focus on helping others be successful and live life to the fullest. Anyone can develop this attitude regardless of current financial position or attitude, with the proper guidance and training.