7 Secrets to Help Realtors Sell Homes

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Are you struggling with your business and feeling frustrated that after all your hard work, some contracts do not go through? If you are, I imagine that you would like to find out how to sell more homes.

Are you struggling with your business and feeling frustrated that after all your hard work,Guest Posting some contracts do not go through? If you are, I imagine that you would like to find out how to sell more homes.

A realtor in her mid-forties, Amy, called me for help. The anxious woman shared how she had been going through a lot of stress about a home that was in escrow. There seemed to be one obstacle after another. Since I am in the business of helping people reduce their stress and create what they want in their lives, as a Marriage, Family Therapist, I was glad to offer her assistance.

Amy was terrified that the multimillion-dollar deal would fall through, and she had worked very hard for many months. Also, her finances were low and she really needed this sale.

As I guided Amy through my HART (Holistic And Rapid Transformation) processes, we discovered numerous fears she had that were actually blocking her success. Amy's conscious and unconscious negative beliefs were sabotaging her because thoughts are magnetic. This concept has become popular as the "Law of Attraction."

Her negative beliefs included:

1. People try to take advantage of me and ask for unreasonable changes or additions to the contract.

2. I have to be strong and fight for what I want.

3. I do not deserve all that money in commissions.

4. I am afraid that I will misuse the money as I have in the past.

5. I never made that much money in my life and it does not fit my self-image.

6. The market is tough, so I won't get the sale.

7. The last escrow I had, which was also a multi-million dollar home, fell though so this one will too.

Can you relate to any of these beliefs? Amy is unique but her fears are not. After we released those negative beliefs in the HART process, we changed them to positive ones (affirmations).

1) People are fair and want a win-win contract.

2) I am strong when I am in my heart space and trust that the house will sell.

3) I am a good person, and I deserve an abundance of money.

4) I trust myself to be responsible with the money I receive in commissions.

5) I have a positive, happy, prosperous self-image.

6) The home is now selling easily and effortlessly.

7) I am successfully selling this home and many others.

I suggested to Amy that she imagine that she is sending the pink light of love from her heart to the heart of the person who is in fear (buyer or seller of the home). This is very powerful because it helps her shift out of her fear space, and it could help the buyer or seller do the same.

I advised Amy to visualize the closing happening just the way she wanted it to be. Finally, I encouraged her to imagine the commission check in her bank account, and to write down what she was doing with the much needed funds.

Amy called me a week later ecstatic. "The escrow went through," Helene. "I am so excited! Thank you for helping me release my stress and let go of my fears of success, and for teaching me how to spiritually create a very positive outcome. The difficult pending house sale finally closed. I am very grateful!"

You can also sell more homes. Realize that it is a service instead of a job. You are helping people have what they want and need. Release all your negative thoughts and trust in the power of your positive thinking. Affirm that the perfect buyers and sellers are coming to you. Express your gratitude and allow yourself to succeed in your wonderful service.

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