Dealing with tough times

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Do you fear tough times? I know many people wouldn't abide. In fact that was how I felt some seven years back. Whenever I came across any tough situation, I got broke even before it strikes. I never liked confronting challenges. I'd rather escape or just shift it on others.

Unlike my past,Guest Posting many people still go through this experience every day in life. A good example of this is when people get involved in unexpected situations like having to fight someone, facing future financial difficulties, problems we're unable to tackle.

But the real question is; should you really avoid tough time? If NO' how do you deal with tough times? These are some of the questions I’ll be talking in this article today.

Dealing with tough times

Although tough times is something no one really likes experiencing still tough times have its positive sides. After every tough times, we come to learn many new things we couldn't know when in our comfort zones. Tough times also let us secure the future.

A certain business man was asked why he managed to accumulate mass wealth after going broke. His response was very short but insightful. He said "My previous business collapsed because of inflation coupled with lack of such knowledge and unskilled men."

The journalist further asked him how such factors contribute to his present wealth. In few words, he said "I was afraid of them but since they happened anyways, I now use them as a core to prevent them from targeting me and ever since then, they're no longer a problem because I now know what to do."

Based on his experiences, tough times aren't something to worry about. It let you learn many things as well as securing the future happenings. Let's say you were unable to handle criticism and someone criticizes you, at least you now know how it feels. From there you'll start spotting out why it pains as well as correcting the aspect that touches you. To certain extent, you might consider reading widely on the topic and before you know, Criticism wouldn't be something to worry about.

So if you fear dealing with tough times, know that it's an indication pointing to your weaknesses which you really ought to secure today.

I grew up not lacking especially in areas of finances. Whenever I was broke I'd turn to my parents or sometimes i just turn to my brothers and they give me what I wanted.

Although I was grateful but it made me develop insecurity of the future if they were no longer there. After graduation i considered working on my own as something weird.

Eventually, my sources of financial strength somehow reduced and I was forced to start a small business on my own. Today i now spend a dozen times what i usually received. But if i had feared tough times and remained in my comfort zone, I’d not learn business skills, computer programming, online marketing etc. I'd just be limiting opportunities for myself.

Break the spell today

Tough times aren’t some thing to worry about. It isn't something to even try escaping. Trying to escape would only be as try to hinder yourself from the opportunities to correct the future.

You can't learn before trying to avoid tough times. You must accept tough times before having the opportunity to learn and correct the future.

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