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A wealth of healing is found in our past lives.

Reincarnation is the belief that after a person dies their soul or spirit comes back to earth in another body. The soul is eternal and decides that it needs to experience lessons here on the Earth Plane.

When we are born we think we are having a fresh start but in our subconscious are memories of our past lives and sometimes they can surface in various ways. For instance child prodigies may certainly be accessing those abilities and gifts from former past lives.

For various reasons at a Soul level our Past Lives can be still affecting us. We may not understand why at a conscious level,Guest Posting after all we are often personality driven, but at a deeper level there may be a lot more going on that you don't understand. By knowing this information it can explain why you do the things you do, or feel the way you feel. Not all our behavioural patterns are created in this lifetime.

We can learn more about our past lives via a number of methods. We can visit a past life regressionist, see a hypnotherapist who specialises in hypnotic techniques for past life recall, we can see a psychic who recalls those past lives for us or we can use a guided meditation mp3 or cd ourselves. All of these modalities believe that our past lives are stored in our subconscious and can be accessed through various techniques.

In the context of this article we can discover our past lives by reading the Akashic Records.

So why do we want to know about our Past Lives? Well some people like to think that perhaps they were someone famous in a past life. Most people aren't. There is a voyeurist angle for some people, they like to just know for information sake. But for most people the reason they want to know about past lives is because accessing those lives can explain their current situation, and also its very healing. Various regressionists feel that if you access the past life which is bleeding through into this life, it gets to the root of a current life behaviour or problem, and by just accessing that life the cause clears up.

Other beliefs are that if past life blocks and restrictions are detected then through various spiritual practises they can be healed. Both ways are highly effective for healing.

As we reincarnate with our Soul Group, it might explain why we have relationships with our family and they are just easy, or they have been difficult from the start. These unconscious memories from the past are still affecting us, but we don't know why they are or how it came to be that way.

Of course accessing your Past Lives isn't a way to avoid living in the now, your intention to access them is really so that you can clear up and heal the past so that your freer in your current life and you feel you have more choices to move forward into a brighter future.

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