Our Past Life Personalities Are Here to Help Us

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Our past life personalities are vital to our success in this life. This article explores the idea of past life personalities as a powerful force of positive energy in our lives.

In this article,Guest Posting I hope to express the importance of the role our past lives play in our physical journey.  Our spirit is just as much a product of our past life as our bodies are of our parents. Our past life personality gives life to the present personality that is you.  We are not only our past life personality.  We are hopefully an improved version of our former self.  You can picture this by imagining yourself as a teenager in comparison to the person you are now.  You might have even said to someone “I was a different person then.”  The person you were as a teenager is very much a different person.  The same is true of your past life.  While you were, in fact, that person, you are a different person now.

All human spirits establish at least one mission for their new life before being born into the world.  These pre-life plans are arranged by you (your past life personality) with the help of guides and teachers.  Sometimes you want to work on a personal quality such honesty or generosity.  Other times it may be a relationship with a significant other.  The plan may even be to make a vacation out of it.  Your past life personalities have a strong interest in seeing you succeed in your mission(s).  Your most recent past life personality and those that came before it will work behind the scenes, to support your effort to conquer life’s challenges.  It is certain that the personality of your last life is constantly checking in on you, and providing you with the spiritual guidance you need to get the most out of your life.

Let me give you an example of how your past life assists you in your present life. My own past life is a popular writer of occult and mystical books.  People who study esoteric knowledge may be familiar with A.E. Waite. While I have not read any of his books, I understand his writing style is difficult to comprehend.  My writing is dissimilar from that of Waite because I am a different person and these are different times. I discovered Waite was working on my behalf a year after I began writing Illusion of the Body.  His presence became known to me through a number of mediums I associated with at a spiritualist church. The spirit of A.E. Waite is extremely interested in my writings and gives me the support I need to get my work done.  At times,  he will make himself known in my house.  I know many of you appreciate the work of mediums and understand what I am trying to convey here. 

While A. E. Waite was a respected author he was despised by those who knew him because of his sarcastic and condescending nature.  This is not a person that one would hope to be in a past life.  I am now tasked with sorting out the experiences I accumulated in that life and creating something positive from them. This is one of my challenges.

 I soon realized that the baggage from our past life follows us into our present life.  The missions we take up are based on what we have done in the past.  You might think of these missions as little experiments.  The idea is to improve on ourselves.  We want to do better with each successive life.  The process of improving is part of the meaning of life.

We cannot escape our past. Our past lives have everything to do with the person we are now.  It is advantageous to learn about our past so that we may do better going forward.  It's fairly easy to discover our past life personality through past life regression, the aid of a medium, and even through regular meditation.  By cooperating with our past life personality, we can expect to grow in spirit.

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David Almeida

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