Empowerment and The Third Dimension

Oct 8


Ed McDonough

Ed McDonough

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Becoming self-empowered is to give yourself the authority to choose and create your destiny at will. When you learn to trust in yourself, a new world opens to you; A world that's far beyond anything you've ever imagined.


Empowerment: To give yourself the authority to choose and create your destiny at will.

Creating your destiny,Empowerment and The Third Dimension Articles changing your life for the better and receiving the things you want start with you becoming self-empowered to reach your goal and obtain all of your desires.

Anyone who's ever achieved any goal; an athlete, a doctor, an astronaut, a composer or the student who won the local spelling bee, were all self-empowered. They all had a desire to obtain something and they stayed focused on it until they received it.

It doesn't matter what you're looking for. Whether you're seeking greater wealth, better health, consistent happiness, more abundance, or you'd like to identify your purpose in life, when you become self-empowered, and you learn to trust in yourself, a new world opens to you. A world that's far beyond anything you've ever imagined.

The Third Dimension

Generally, people live their life in 2 dimensions; the past and the present. For the most part, they almost always disregard the future as another dimension they should be concerned with controlling.

Empowerment is not based on your current status or past accomplishments. Only your Ego cares about what you've done in the past. And, it loves when you waste your time dwelling on what you did to get where you are today. The Ego finds enormous pleasure when you tell your achievement stories over and over to anyone who will listen.

Bragging on your accomplishments and spending your time reflecting on what it took to get you to your present status level are clearly not empowerment because it adds nothing to the great things you desire to accomplish in the future. The past is behind you and continuing to relive it adds no value to going forward. However, because you have been blessed with Free Will and the ability to use it to alter your destiny, you can create the life you want.

The Third Dimension of Empowerment is about what you will do in the future. It's about giving yourself the authority to take full responsibility for what ever it is you have chosen to obtain or accomplish, and taking action towards reaching that goal.

In essence, you make a stand, drive a stake in the ground and tell the world: "I'm going to complete this, I'm going to have this and there's nothing which will stand in my way of achieving it."

Be Grateful You Can

Gratitude is also a significant part of Empowerment. Although the premise of being self-empowered is to focus on the future, it's also important to be grateful for your current position in life. Practicing radical humility and being grateful for all the things you currently have is essential for accomplishing your future plans. Be grateful to yourself and your source (Higher Intelligence, God, et cetera) for what you have accomplished up to this day.

In addition, it's also necessary to be grateful that you have the ability and opportunity to actively participate in creating the future you want. Recognizing that the future is the only place where changes can be made, so you can live your life the way you want, is definitely something to be thankful for. Therefore, also be grateful for your empowerment.

The Clear Way to Empowerment

Becoming empowered, consistently focusing on your future plans and actively participating in creating the future you want may sound like an impossible task, but the good news is, it's not. With a little practice, and the right guidance, anyone can learn to achieve even the most seemingly unattainable goal. 

No matter how big or how small, whether it's something physical you want, or nonphysical like better health, you can easily learn how to become self-empowered and dynamically create your future. The key to the simplicity of empowerment comes by turning within and learning to trust one's self at a higher level.

Through the power of meditation, the most powerful self-improvement tool available to mankind, anyone can learn to accurately focus on their goals and see them come to fruition.

By learning to quite and relax your mind while connecting to the vast resources of the universe, you can now work from the inside out towards achieving your life's desires, no matter how big or small they are. This enhanced ability to concentrate more easily and at a deeper level truly puts the "power" in empowerment.

Endless Possibilities

When you become self-empowered the impossible becomes possible. Things that once seemed to be out of your control, you now consistently control. Empowerment, combined with meditation, allows your mind and your body to function at a whole new higher level of being.

Goals are reached more efficiently, you see your future more clearly and you learn first-hand that you can dynamically create future. Empowerment puts you in control of you; opening the door to a future of endless possibilities.