Facing Reality

May 19


Judi Singleton

Judi Singleton

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Your reality is just what you are thinking and creating at any given time.


What is reality? Being a inner person my reality changes with my thoughts. I change it at will. I realized this morning that I am hyper-critical of myself in what I call reality. I see myself as this middle aged woman 40 pounds overweight. My life lacks true meaning. These are just negative thoughts that jump up in my mind.

But I am not a victim of these thoughts I can choose to change them. I can relax and be what I really am a prosperous child of Higher power. When I relax and let go and claim this thought I become what I think.

With all the difficulties we face in life,Facing Reality Articles it is especially important now that we begin conditioning ourselves to think positive. Not only for our own health and well-being, but for all the other lives we impact.

A pessimist will always see the dark side of things and blame others, such as blaming the government, our president, the neighbors, the boss. The other side of that is seeing things like the Higher Power created them with awe and the eyes of a child. To think more like an optimist, you must first be grateful for everything in your life even the depressed dark thoughts for they give you a clue how to change yourself and your thinking to see the world in a different way.

When you get a compliment take it as an affirmation of your worth. Enjoy this pat on the back by your fellow man, give yourself some pats on the back too.

In to order to make positive thinking yield results, some inner work is necessary. You need to develop a positive attitude towards life, and expect a successful outcome of whatever you do. See yourself each day being successful at what you are dreaming of ;even if circumstances are to the contrary.

The mind does not know the difference between imagination and what we call reality. So go to your quiet spot and meditate. Imagine yourself doing what you are dreaming of doing. A positive attitude and thoughts are contagious. You not only draw into your life people who are positive, but people want to be around you and help you, because you help uplift them too.

Try some of the following suggestions:When you catch yourself making a negative statement out loud or in your thinking,turn it around and use its opposite to reaffirm what you want. I can, I am able to, I am willing to do this.Find a way to fill your life with happiness, joy, and success feelings. You can pull them from anywhere. Remember a time that you felt joyful, successful, happy.

Remember that the mind does not know the difference between this present moment and the past. So you can pull these positive feelings from anywhere. We have all had these feeling at some time even if we do not have them right now. You can have them right now by just imagining that you do.Refuse to take delivery on negative thoughts.

Pretend the thought is being delivered by UPS just refuse delivery. Pretend that you are talking to the UPS guy only talk to yourself. I refuse delivery on this thought. I did not order it and do not want it. smile. When making any plan just visualize it as it had already happened.

 I started a weight loss plan and I see myself 40 pounds lighter everyday and so does everyone else. People are telling me how thin I have gotten and I have only been on my plan for two weeks. lol

 You even effect how others see you. Read inspiring articles, books, listen to inspiration tapes at least a half an hour each day. What we fill our mind with grows. Watch movies that are happy, rent a comedy, laughter is healing. Fill your visual mind with happy thoughts. Turn off the news. Stay informed and pray for our world leaders but stay detached. Associate with other people who think positively. This the most important one of all. Find positive people and stick with the winners.

 Think always that Higher Power is bringing forth you Highest good in each situation. Know what if you have strong faith in this last one it happens. Be grateful for all you already have, write a grateful list, tell your friends and family you love them and how grateful you are for them. If you follow these suggestions for 30 days and they don't work I will refund you your challenges.