Have you wimped out on yourself?

Aug 9


Robin Rushlo

Robin Rushlo

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Faith do you have it lose it or are you just kidding yourself.


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Starting out on any venture whether it's a new business or a trip to the local supermarket requires faith.We live by faith or we do not live at all. Either we venture or we vegetate. If we venture, Have you wimped out on yourself? Articles we do so by faith, simply because we cannot know the end of anything at its beginning.Anything we do involves faith. We enter marriage by faith or we stay single. We study for a profession by faith or we give up before we have started. It's by faith that we move mountains or we are stopped by molehills. Faith is essential for day-to-day living, let alone achieving the heights of success!

Faith, what is it? Well we turn the light switch on and have faith the light will go on and light up our room. Put the key in the car and turn it and we have faith it will start.We leave home and go to the store and have faith that our house is still there when we get back. All of these acts and many more are acts of faith, that we do everyday. Without faith in your own ability to achieve the desired results of your actions you might just not even try. However, most, if not all of us are plagued with doubt. Doubt that we are doing the right thing, doubt that we have what it takes, and doubt that it is even worth the effort.We all fumble in the search for certainty, wishing that we could escape the doubts that haunt us. The danger is that we stop fumbling on through our doubts and begin to stagnate.There has been no one throughout history who has never had some doubts at some time in the intended outcome. So if you are experiencing doubt, join the club and welcome to reality! We must still walk with faith even when the doubt comes up and looks us straight in the face.

So how can we increase our faith? Just do it!

If, despite our gnawing doubts, we can muster faith enough to take a single step on the road to where we're going, we are well on the way to creative achievement Take bite sized chunks. Just remember the man that wanted the instructions on how to eat an elephant.He was amazed that the answer was so simple "ONE BITE AT A TIME". Don't try to summon up the faith for the whole event, just concentrate on enough faith for the next step and be prepared for the doubt that will hit you around the corner.So long as you can maintain faith for just 1 minute more, you will have faith to last a lifetime. Be sure that your faith is not misplaced. It's all very well to believe that you can fly, but don't go jumping off the cliff just yet. Make sure that you have done the preparation and training first, and of course the wings.

Make faith your own.

People who let others do their thinking for them, who will not venture forth an opinion on any subject until they're sure what they say will be met with approval and acceptance, do not believe. Make sure that you make your own decisions and build your own faith in those decisions. ( other article The Power of Why or How big is your WHY) The past does not equal the future. Whatever experience you had in the past is just that, an experience in the past! So long as you learn the lessons you can be assured that you are not going to repeat things, that is unless you want to!

You are not alone.

Whether you believe it or not, there are Universal Laws which will come to your assistance once you decide that you will make the first move. Try it and find out for yourself! ( Mentors can always help with this) Faith comes to those who ask for it. You can't generate or manufacture faith from within, nor can you hype it up. Faith comes when you accept that you are part of the bigger picture. So shut up, open up and receive.Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.(the Secret) If you manage to keep enough faith to bear the burden of your doubts, then you have no reason left not to achieve your dreams, hope and wants. Just remember there is always some one that will reach down and help you. A real servant leader is out there just for you. Just keep looking and never give up.

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