How Multi Tasking Affects Business Success

Sep 11


TJ Philpott

TJ Philpott

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Multi tasking is a great way to improve upon your time management if applied to the appropriate task.
This manner of managing multiple tasks however can also inhibit your business productivity when applied to the wrong assignments.
Read more to discover how to determine what projects may not be well suited for this type of task management and why.


Multi tasking occurs when an individual appears to be addressing more then one task at the same time. In many cases this type approach can be an effective time management tool. Managing more than one task simultaneously however does also have some drawbacks.

When it comes to increasing business productivity this type approach may not always be beneficial. In particular an online business always presents multiple projects that need to be completed. Whether it's updating websites,How Multi Tasking Affects Business Success Articles blog posts, sending out emails, or generating traffic online business entrepreneurs always have their hands full.

Now here is where caution needs to be exercise when managing multiple tasks simultaneously. Not all tasks are created equal being some are more complex than others. This is especially true when it comes to running a business. Many projects require 'singular attention' and in fact any lack of focus and concentration could have detrimental results.

Let's consider 3 inherent drawbacks that can occur when attempting to manage multiple tasks and how it could affect your business success.

1)  Lower quality results

Attempting to manage more then one task at the same time usually means something will suffer. In this case due to the divide in your attention you can not expect to achieve the best results when you are constantly bouncing back and worth between projects.

You will only get the best results when you invest your best efforts! So if a high quality performance or results is what you're looking for 100% of your focus will be needed to accomplish that goal.

It is simply unrealistic to assume you can get your best results without giving your best efforts!

2)  Not always time efficient

A lack of focus on any given task will always result in the task taking longer to complete. In addition mistakes may occur that will take additional time to go back and correct. If you are able to correct the mistakes then fine but consideration needs to be given to how much time these corrections take.

A decision needs to be made as to whether any possible mistakes present the potential for significant time loss due to correcting errors. If you can't afford the 'projected' loss of time then these tasks should be done without the distractions of other ongoing projects.

Also a determination needs to be made relative to the time sensitivity associated with any given task such as deadlines. Here too if time is of the essence then your concerted focus should be applied to insure the timely completion of the task at hand.

3)  Mistake Prone   

Mistakes of a more profound nature can also be easily made due to a lack of focus when trying to do too many things at once. Again the complexity of the task needs to be determined along with its importance.

Physical damage or even irreversible harm to an image or reputation can result when the proper attention is not paid to a project. Often these same mistakes could have been avoided or minimized if greater focus were devoted to the task to begin with.

You should never expect good results when splitting your focus and/or attention with other responsibilities at the same time

Some tasks are just more important or complex and therefore will command all of your focus. to complete successfully. Task such as these should only be undertaken one at a time.

As you can see multi tasking is most effective on those projects that may not require singular focus. In an effort to improve on their time management many attempt do too much thereby decreasing their business productivity as a result. Online business entrepreneurs in particular are always tempted to accomplish as much as they can in as little time as possible. The results due to a lack of focus and concentration on certain tasks however can actually inhibit your business success. In the end it is therefore wise to first evaluate each task relative to their level of complexity to determine if your undivided attention is necessary for their successful completion.

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