How To Create Your Dream Body In 8 Simple Steps Using Self-Hypnosis

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Would you like to know how to sculpt your body into the body of your dreams? Then please read on because this article shows you how to use the power of your own mind to do just that! Thank you.

If you want a different shaped body,Guest Posting then this is a great technique for you. However, if you are totally happy with your body, you can apply it to other areas of your life too.

Let me show you how:

Step 1: Take a nice deep breath and as you let it out let your body relax. Make sure that there is nowhere that you have to be, there is nothing that you have to do and there is nobody wanting anything from you and you can really focus on what you are doing for the next 30 minutes or so.

If you know self-hypnosis, go into that state now. If you don't know self-hypnosis, go buy my book! Otherwise, just get comfortable here; let your eyes close and just focus on relaxing your body and breathing gently and deeply. Tune in to the moment and focus on your breathing.

Imagine that the more that your body relaxes the more open and receptive your mind can become.

Step 2: Move your awareness through your entire body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and imagine relaxing them. Think the word "soften" as you move your awareness through each muscle. Imagine a wonderful sense of peace floating all the way down through your body, melting each muscle.

Step 3: Using your imagination, find a path right out there in front of you, a beautiful path. See what you see around you, hear the sounds all around you and feel the feelings of how it feels to walk along this path, a path of your own design.

Maybe you can imagine hearing your own footsteps on this path, notice how perfect everything is here, just right for you. With every step you take right now, imagine that you are tuning into your body and stepping deeper into your own mind.

Soon, you are going to sculpt your ideal body.

Step 4: Up ahead, imagine that in front of you is a full-length mirror. Imagine the details of it and as you get closer, see your own reflection in that mirror. Walk right up to that reflection of you in the mirror.

Think about what it is that you truly want for yourself as you look in your face, in your eyes, look at your body. You are going to very lovingly guide your body to change its form, to actually sculpt your body and to communicate to the cells in your body to instruct them to be the shape, the size, and the look that you want them to be.

So now, standing right in front of that mirror, let that mirror disappear, let it vanish so that all there is that exact duplicate version of yourself.

Make sure that the mirror is gone and that you are now standing in front of a duplicate of you.

Step 5: Now, beginning at the very top of the head, use your hands to lovingly, shape and sculpt your entire body.

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, the things you would like to change, the way that you would like your body to appear. While you sculpt, send love through your hands and your fingers.

You send a very real communication to your skin, your muscles, the tissues to be the size and shape that makes you happier and happier. Let your hands sculpt just as if you were a sculptor, working with clay, taking away the excess or adding more lovingly here and there. Create the right shapes for you.

Take some time to shape it, smooth it, and tighten it, all the way down through every aspect of your physical body. Really create a work of art!

As you do this, trust that your unconscious mind is learning how to change the internal image of your body, how to create this in reality. So take the time to go to every area and create beautiful shapes, wonderful curves and angles that you want and desire.

Give it the perfect tone and form, let your hands absolutely love your body and communicate in a way that tells your body the shape, the size, the muscle tone, every detail that you want your body to learn about of how it is to be shaped.

Step 6: Just look at your work of art. This body that you have formed and sculpted, and notice that these changes are being made inside of your mind as well and that part of your inner mind that is ready and willing to accept a new image of who you are.

New cells and tissues are being formed all the time and sometimes your mind is just waiting for a new communication to create these cells in a new way, healthy, strong, firm, toned. Your mind learning right now every detail of this new shape, of this new image of you.

This body that you look at right now is a body that is loved, that is nurtured by your own hands.

As you look at this body, let it reach out a hand and that hand is going to lead you right into that body so that you become that body, so you feel it, you see through those eyes, almost like you are putting on that body, like putting on a new jacket. You are stepping into that new you and feeling what it is actually like to be inside that new you.

So your mind can get used to what you are beginning to look like, what youre becoming, what youre beginning to feel like. Just take that hand right there and let it pull you in.

And as you enter this body, your mind learns that it is okay for you to be this way. Then just love your body and of course accept your body. Accept that this is who you choose to be.

Step 7: In this new body you continue on the path. You begin to walk with these legs, feel with this stomach, and see through these eyes.

Let it be as real as it can possibly be so your mind learns that there is everything right with being in this body, that this truly is who you are because the more that your inner mind learns that this is positive and this is how you truly accept yourself your mind will begin to match the physical body to the image in your inner mind.

The instructions to the new cells, to your metabolism, to that part of you that decides on your appetite, the level of exercise that you get all those things will begin to change to match this internal image of your body and sending a message to the part of you that knows what actions you need to take this very day to achieve and truly be this new you.

Let yourself get more and more comfortable with this body. Walk in it, be comfortable in it, walk up the path, and look at the world all around you and let it feel really good to be in the body that you truly deserve to be in.

Every time you step into this body, your mind becomes more accustomed, more comfortable, and more used to this being who you really are.

Step 8: Now open your eyes. Bring your awareness back to the room you are in. Trust and accept that your unconscious mind continues to work to match your body to the shape that you have created within your mind. Accept that is who your truly are now. Take a nice deep breath, fill yourself with the energy of that breath and let it out.

So there you have it a nice technique to start you off for the New Year in a new body. Enjoy!

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