Hypnotize Yourself To Detox In 6 Simple Steps

Jan 16


Adam Eason

Adam Eason

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Can you imagine what it would be like if you could use your thoughts to detox your body and mind? Learn how to hypnotize yourself to detox your mind and body in 6 simple steps here.


Lots of the individual clients I have been working with so far this year are also embarking upon,Hypnotize Yourself To Detox In 6 Simple Steps Articles or are already in the throws of detoxing.

They are drinking lots of certain fluids, taking certain supplements and eating certain types of food, to stimulate their kidneys, livers and flush out their body following the excesses of the previous year or just to help kick off their new healthy regime, or maybe it is something they do each year.

What I want to share with you today though is a way to detox your mind and body using your thoughts. Imagine if you could cleanse your body and your mind by just using your thoughts. Now you can use your mind to cleanse it all... Let me show you how in some simple steps:

Step One: Take several nice deep breaths, and as you let it out, imagine relaxing your body and softening your muscles.

Engage in the moment, focus on your breathing, get really comfortable and let your body kind of begin to melt and float down and relax. Be an observer of your own experience and just feel everything letting go, absolutely nothing for you to do, just relax. Enjoy the stillness and allow your eyes to be comfortably closed. Go inside your mind and just observe what is happening inside you while you are relaxing.

Step Two: Using your imagination, in the area just above your head, imagine that floating up there is an energy of just light, pure light, floating just above your head. Let the light be the size, colour, shape and dimensions that suit you the most or that you find most appealing or healthy.

You know that your body knows how to do a great deal more than you consciously know. If you fell over and cut your knee, you would trust it to heal itself without you actually knowing what exactly your body is doing to heal, wouldn't you? Now imagine that the light has that wisdom, an energy, that 'know-how' to it. Imagine that it has the ability to heal, to help to access the wisdom of your mind and body to cleanse, to create a very balanced and healthy condition in your body.

Shortly, you are going to allow this light to slowly move down through the top of your head and to permeate and penetrate each and every cell in your body. That cleansing, healing light, guided by your thoughts, is going to travel slowly through, purifying, updating, healing and letting go of what it no longer needs.

When that light begins to move through your body, it then removes and collects anything unwanted and releases substances or toxins that your body is better off without. Imagine that the light neutralises it.

The light is going to move through and restore a condition of optimum health in every cell, leaving behind a condition that is for optimum health in the cells, the blood, the organs, removing and releasing anything that you are better off without.

Step Three: So now give that light some movement - guide the light with your intention and focus; let that light begin to slowly move down through your body.

Tune in to the light and feel the energy of it slowly touching the top of your head, moving into every aspect of it. Some people say they feel a vibration or warmth, just tune in to it and experience whatever you experience. Let it move down slowly through your head; anything unwanted at all is collected by the light and held onto.

Really use your imagination at this stage, notice that as that light slowly moves down through different areas, you can imagine that more and more particles collect within the light, let it continue moving slowly down through your body. You can allow your mind to know what the particles represent and what you are freeing yourself of.

Step Four: As well as concentrating on the light itself, really notice the condition that the disk leaves behind. Make a difference between the colour of where the light has been contrasted with where it is going. Maybe you prefer to notice the sensation or the sound of the area that is cleansed, choose how to recognise the difference for yourself. How do you notice that it has been cleansed and healed?

Make sure that the light moves down around and into your heart, down into each of your organs, your abdomen, including your spine, creating the most optimum condition of health all the way down now, through your entire life systems, letting that light share the highest wisdom that it has. Let the light have all the power and turn everything over to the light and let it do what it knows how to do, just trust that it knows how to cleanse and heal and purify your body in all the wonderful ways.

Allow that light to create the most optimum condition of health in every cell in your body, notice how much it collects, how much you can let go of.

Step Five: Once the light has reached the tips of your toes, let it float away from your body. Just imagine it floating further and further away until it gets so far away that it becomes just so tiny and then you notice that it disintegrates into little sparkles and twinkles that float far, far away into the universe and beyond. Just let go and imagine them gone.

Step Six: Take a minute or two (or however long you feel is right) to notice that you are grateful to your body, that you love your body, that you bring the highest possible gratitude to your body, for what it is capable of, for you have everything that you need right now, enjoy the sensation of feeling cleansed and in control of your own well-being, it is a fabulous feeling.

Your brain has all the information that it needs to create the most optimum state of health in your body, already, its all there. You have shown yourself that you have all you need to have a deeply healthy detox using your own thoughts and guidance alone.

Trust your body, turn this over to your body and allow it to have that wisdom to heal. Accept your body and allow it to heal, to be healthy and strong.

Tell yourself that during the night tonight as you sleep your body will become healthier, stronger in every cell, down to every atom, healthier and stronger, and that this process continues to rejuvenate you even when you are not thinking about it consciously.

Once you have expressed some gratitude, then you can open your eyes and relax for a moment before you go about your business and enjoy feeling good about yourself.

You may want to repeat the process a couple more times to ensure that you get everything that may have been left behind.

Really make an effort to do this every day for a week and notice the difference it makes to your well-being. I guarantee you'll notice some amazing results!