In Dreams I Walk

Aug 6


(J) Marshall Wade

(J) Marshall Wade

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     Not sure of anyone else, but my happy self wants, needs, and loves to dream. There are million of folks, places, and things to dream of. Its absolutely wonderful to find


Not sure of anyone else,In Dreams I Walk Articles but my happy self wants, needs, and loves to dream. There are million of folks, places, and things to dream of. Its absolutely wonderful to find a nice peaceful spot, and allow our mind to romp through the pages of antiquity and on into future tales of unsuspecting adventures – for it is those misty clouds of possibilities where we mortal souls will devoid ourselves of all the negatives, transpose ourselves into anywhere we wish, and look forward to the experiences that linger where we have never been before.

      Our fantasies can picture us of becoming a famous and fantastic dancer, and gliding over clouds of lightness…of becoming a professional poet, and inspiring others to fulfill their dreams of flight…of being a scientist, and discovering new methods of accomplishing our goals…of just relaxing and inhaling the twinkling stars…of listening to a raindrop fall, and hear its solitude…of watching smoke rise, and understand obscurity…listening to a snowflake fall, and comprehend peace…of suddenly realizing that our minds are the final frontier…of making new good friends, so we will experience loneliness less…of being a doctor, and healing mankind…of knowing that serendipity ceases, when our thoughts stop.

      We can dream of going to a beach, lay on the sands of time, and wonder what secrets the ocean hides…of traveling through a worm-hole, and discovering a new dimension…of strolling through a forest, and discovering solitude…of being a hurricane, and swirling through the galaxy…of realizing that crying and laughing heals the heart and the soul…of being aware of the tremendous power or faith in ourselves…of having the courage to kneel and help a child…of the fantastic inner strength of asking for help when we need it…of realizing that the more we learn, the more interesting we are to others…of standing on the edge of the universe, and watching it evolve…of being the sun, and warming our beautiful Blue Marble…of being the moon, and stirring the seeds of love on a warm summer night…of being a motivator, and inspiring passion…of prevailing over adversity, and amplifying comprehension in others.

      Or perhaps, we may wish to dream of expanding our imagination, and let it transport us to the galactic core…of realizing that beyond the seas are new lands to explore…beyond the mountains are new friends to make…beyond our fears unfolds a new life…beyond curiosity is the flight of excitement…beyond the fears of the problems are the solutions…beyond stubbornness is the power to be humble…beyond a raging storm is a warm summer day…beyond a vehicle is a starship…of knowing that ignoring fear is to cause its death…of knowing you would march into hell itself for your family…to converse with the stars on a crisp clear night, and hearing the answer to your prayers…of realizing that you can defeat loneliness with enthusiasm…of finding a mysterious new love in a far-away place.

      There are those of us who may prefer to dream of gallivanting around within our bodacious bodies and discovering the veins of life that flow… how our skin stretches…how the heart can pump 12,000 miles of blood through the veins… how our lungs can expand when we inhale the life-giving air… how all of the creepy things in and on our skin covered “bags of mostly water” (us humanoids) can exist, and realize that without them, we would die…discover the tremendous power of the one billion cells in our brain, and how the axions and dentrites send and receive all of our thoughts through electrical and chemical activated synaptic connections…of fully realizing how one microscopic cell can multiply exponentially, and how each new cell knows where to go, and what to do when it gets there.

      Maybe we would enjoy listening to our hearts, and understand our children’s…of listening to a flower grow, and evermore understand patience…of listening to a soft wind blow, and hear nature sing…of listening to leaves tumble, and hear them fall…of listening to a raindrop drip, and hear solitude ring…of listening to a river flow, and hear pure isolation…of listening to the sun shine, and hear our life’s pulse…of listening to the ocean’s roar, and hear antiquity…of listening to a butterfly’s wings, and know determination…of listening to our dreams, and harken to a whole new life.

      Dreaming on the shores of our own private universe not only invigorates our meandering minds and our benefiting bodies, it can also give us a whole new outlook on life itself – maybe instilling in us a new idea, a new and better way to change ourselves for the better, motivate us to become far better off then we are now, and allowing us to understand our children and ourselves more. Dreaming can also cause us to enjoy more pleasures in life, such as strolling through the mud in a summer rain, enjoying a field of lightning bugs on a warm summer night, writing poetry for the ones we love, or just singing in a warm shower after a long day’s work.

      But the most over-riding and powerful benefit of dreaming is realizing that if we truly wish, we can fulfill most of our dreams! Imagine what you can do next!

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