Is There An Anxiety Solution For Those Who Fail To Keep Their Resolutions?

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"Anxiety Resolution Solution". How many of us embark on a new resolution… only to falter when the going gets tough? Read this article to find out how you can eliminate your anxiety disorder COMPLETELY…

In a nutshell... YES!

Ive given a lot of thought recently to the power of resolutions to that basic human instinct that continually drives us to improve ourselves and to expand our horizons.

Perhaps youre reading this now and resolving to finally conquer your anxiety?

The trouble with resolutions,Guest Posting however, is sticking to them! All too often, within weeks, theyve fallen by the wayside. Why is that? Why do we all struggle so much to maintain our resolve?

To my mind, resolve and resolution are in themselves anxiety-inducing words! What do I mean? Well, just consider the word RESOLVE. It resounds with a sense of determination demanding immense effort. It also calls upon you to SOLVE something to remedy a problem to seek out that elusive Holy Grail alone.

And dont we ALL have some aspect of our life that needs a solution? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US! It comes with living life to the full! RESOLUTIONS require us to take a long hard look at our lives. They demand we show an honest recognition of the need for change and often this can be the hardest part of any new resolution.

Little wonder, then, that resolutions fill us with trepidation! Suddenly, we have to face up to a PROBLEM or a CHALLENGE. Then we have to decide on a course of action for CHANGE. Then we have to find the SOLUTION. And through it all, we have to maintain our RESOLVE.

Pretty daunting! Especially for those of us with personal experience of the debilitating affects of anxiety.

So let me try to make it a little bit easier for you!

Just be kind to yourself. Give yourself a break and understand that you cant solve everything and certainly not at once. You have to take that pressure off yourself. Dont take too much on and try to implement lots of changes this would be scary even to non-anxiety sufferers!

Oh, and dont worry about all the detail - the weight loss the job application process the dating game the college course the house move. Dont be side-tracked by them And certainly dont beat yourself up if these changes dont happen all at once! Remember, its early days!

I remember when I was anxious and I felt that every aspect of my life was wrong. I just wanted to change everything at once to be a totally different person living a totally different life. But it felt like I was asking for the impossible, I felt beaten before Id even begun to make a single change. There was just too much to deal with at once.

Well, I found that the simple SOLUTION is to make just ONE RESOLUTION. And when you live with anxiety, there is only ONE RESOLUTION you should be making only ONE RESOLUTION which will magic away all the detail, which will bring about all the changes you want in your life. And that ONE RESOLUTION is


I know what youre thinking. Thats easy for you to say! Well, YES it is! But, what have you got to lose?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - except your anxiety!

The rest of your life is all there for the taking but as with all resolutions, you have to be prepared to make that choice for change, that RESOLUTION, to face up to and resolve the anxiety.

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