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Learn how to effectively use the Law of Attraction to change your life and achieve your dreams. Learn the reasons why you don't have the life of your dreams yet and how simple it is to create it!

The Law of Attraction is evident everywhere you look. Have you ever been thinking of someone and suddenly the phone rings and its them? Perhaps you have been admiring some new shoes on the TV when you suddenly find them in a shop off-the-beaten track? Many people put such incidences down to coincidence but if you look at the broader areas of your life you will discover that this phenomenon occurs all the time!

The Law of Attraction works because you get more of what you focus on in life. Your thoughts are creative!

The things you focus on most are the very things in your life that you get more of. If you focus on the things that make you happy you tend to attract more things that make you happy. On the flip side when you focus on things that make you feel unhappy you will attract more things to be unhappy about. If you focus on riches and abundance you get more riches and abundance. Likewise,Guest Posting if you focus on poverty, you will tend to create situations that rob you of what little you do have.

The Law of Attraction works on this simple premise. What you focus on you get more of. This is why negative thinking can be so damaging to your life. By worrying about things that have already happened, are happening now or that you are fearful may happen in the future you are activating the most powerful law in the universe to your detriment. You are attracting the very things that you do not want.

In order to activate the law of Attraction you need do nothing. This law is constantly at work because you are constantly thinking and feeling. What you need to do is make a decision that you are going to deliberately take control and use this law to your advantage.

The vast majority of this planet's population judge their reality by what they see, touch, hear and smell - they judge things by appearances. They observe what is happening in their world and then offer thoughts that are similar to it. The Bible tells us not to judge by the sight of our eyes or in John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance. You must get into a mental state that reflects the things you want not where you are constantly focusing on the lack of it.

Create a mental picture of the life you wish to live and generate as much positive emotion around it as you can. This will immediately activate the Law of Attraction and begin the manifestation of that vision.

To attract your desire to you quickly and activate the Law of Attraction you must be able to create a detailed accurate mental image of the thing that you want. You must be clear in your own mind about what it is you are intending to create. Although the aforementioned statement is common sense it is an unfortunate truth that the great majority of people have no idea what they want. They are great at telling you what they don't want but at a lose when they are asked exactly what it is that they do want. Their desires are vague. They want better relationships but dont know what a better relationship would look or feel like. They want more money but dont know how much? They want a different career but cant decide what would suite them best. You must not be one of these people if you wish to live life on your terms.

Think of an area of your life where you feel something is missing or could do with improving. Any area where you feel an improvement would give you joy and make you feel positive emotions.

Get clear on exactly what you want to happen, achieve or attract. Do your finances need improving or your relationships? Would you prefer to have a new exciting career in a field that fills you will joy and job satisfaction? Is your health and fitness not at a level you are happy with? Chose an area now!

Now that you have your chosen life area it is time to decide what you want to happen in it. Be very clear on what you want. If you desire to change career path then you should decide to attract a job that will bring you joy doing it? Be specific. If you want a better relationship what type of person would best suite you and be the perfect partner for you? What mentyal, emotional and physical characteristics would they have? What type of values would this person have? What beliefs would they have? If you wish to improve your finances, exactly how much additional income do you want? Would you prefer a cash lump sum? Be specific!

Now write it down. Write it as an affirmation. Write it as though you were explaining to someone else what your life is like now that you have this thing. Read this statement every morning and every night while you visualize it as already existing. Generate positive emotions around it. Emotions are the catalyst that kick-starts the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts are creative but your emotions are the fuel that drives your thoughts towards manifestation.

Carry-on in your daily activities staying focused on your goal. If you think a negative thought about it stop for a moment and reverse the thought. Think about it until you can feel only positive emotion around it.

Be open to opportunities. I promise you if you are diligent in your daily visualizations you will soon see many opportunities all around you.

Act! Take some action that will bring you towards your goal no matter how small that action may be. Look for a new job, socialize or investigate ways of improving your finances. When you take one step forward the universe will rush to meet you!

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