Manifesting Tip: How to Deal With Setbacks

Jul 9


Maria Meiners

Maria Meiners

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Even the most experienced manifesters sometimes face set backs.  By realizing it's part of the process, you can easily get through them to experience manifesting success.


Wouldn't you just love it if you put an order in with the Universe and it appeared on your front porch the very next day?  Sometimes it does happen like that (and boy do I love those times!) but other times it's a little longer and more curvy road.

And sometimes there are setbacks.  Like when you're trying to lose weight and the scale is going the wrong way.  Or when you're turned down for a job you really, really want.  Or when that perfect guy turns out to not be "the one."

There are a few reasons this happens. 

First the thing right in front of you many not really be in alignment with what you want.  That job you thought was a perfect match for instance may have turned out to be completely wrong for you,Manifesting Tip: How to Deal With Setbacks Articles except you wouldn't have found that out until you started working there. 

Second, remember that you aren't seeing the whole picture like the Universe does.  Going back to the job example, it could be that tomorrow morning you'll get a call to set up an interview for the perfect job.  Had you been offered that other job today you might not have gone to that interview...thus missing out on your own manifestation.

Third you may be wishy washy - wavering about what you say you want.  Again with the job example, if you are torn between staying at your old job and finding a new one then you can subconsciously undermine your own efforts in searching for a new job. 

The thing to do when faced with a setback is to see it for what it is - a temporary detour on the road to what you want.  Unless you let them defeat you, setbacks are not impassible barriers or the Universe saying "no" to your request. So be ok with setbacks, knowing that they're just temporary and that you'll soon get past them and very soon be enjoying that thing you asked for.

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