Program your Mind with Confidence

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Program your Mind with ... go back a few decades in time. Pavlov a russian ... made some ... dis

Program your Mind with Confidence


Let's go back a few decades in time. Pavlov a russian scientist made some startling discoveries. His experiment involved dogs hearing a bell ring prior to being feed. After a few days,Guest Posting Pavlov rang the bell without providing any food. However the dogs were drooling and looking for the food. They had associated food with the sound of the bell. They were conditioned to desire and drool for food with the simple ring of a bell.

Of course people are not like dogs. However the same principle can be applied to us.


Anchors allow you to bring up certain emotions on the command of an association.

Basically, you can create a trigger which confidence can be associated to.

Here are the steps to bring confidence in your life:


Step 1: Select a Trigger Device
NLP trainers recommend either sqeezing your wrist or pulling the middle finger of your left hand. Choose something that does not get lost with the daily activities of your hands. Make it unique. It is important that you perform the trigger excalty the same way each time or it will not work.

Optional Step: Get some Relaxing Music
This one is not necessary but it will help you relax. If you have trouble relaxing then I recommend the music because the excerises will have little effect on you.

It should be soft music without lyrics. "Sensual Massage" or "Winds in the Wood" are good examples.


Step 2: Get Yourself in a Relaxed State
Listen to the music or to your heart beat. Relax....Take a few minutes to get yourself in that state.


Step 3: Bring up Strong Feelings of Confidence
Remember a time when you accomplished something big and felt great. Maybe you got a great time for a 10km run. Or you won that big important game. Or you made that gigantic sale. Or you got that job where you beat out 20 other candidates.

It can even be something imagined. Imagine winning the Stanley Cup and having the entire audience cheer for you. Or you're James Bond just after saving the world.

Once you have that memory or image, start playing it through your head. Feel the build up of emotion. Feel how unstoppable you are. You just accomplished something great and nothing is going to stop you.

So keep on playing the scene and building the emotion.....


Step 4: Use the Trigger at the Emotional Climax
When the emotion builds up to its climax, then it is the time to use the trigger. Make sure you are very emotional for it to be effective. Now, you are associating that powerful unstoppable confidence with your own trigger. Cool, eh?


Step 5: Slowly Calm Down and Repeat Trigger Excerise Once More
A session should take about 6-10 minutes and it involves going throught the mind conditioning excerise.


Step 6: Practice daily for at least 30 days.
It takes commitment. After this time, you will have anchored this desirable mental state into your subconscious reality and can recall it on demand before or during any anxious moment by using the trigger.

If you are looking for something quicker and more effective but can spare the money...

Step 7: Use the Trigger in your times of Need
Do not use the trigger too often otherwise it will lose its powerful effect. Now when you need some extra courage for some difficult situation, you will have a powerful weapon.
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