Putting the Montage in the Collage as a Self Healing Tool

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Creating a collage montage to facilitate self healing is a great self help tool bringing forth meditative like qualities as you choose pictures and other materials in quiet contemplation of the life you’re living.

A collage montage,Guest Posting collage from the French word coller meaning to stick and montage to put smaller things together, is the construction of an art piece using a combination of materials then sticking them onto a solid surface such as a canvas or in the case of this exercise a large sheet of paper.

It’s a wonderful self help tool to allow gentle self healing to occur, and spiritual connection a by-product of this exercise.

I’ve completed this exercise by myself and also in groups with the aim of spending time in quiet reflection and constructing a collage montage on how we ‘see’ ourselves, our likes and dislikes, what or who we aspire to be and connecting with our spirituality.  It’s a lovely way of getting to ‘know thyself’ in a different way.

My favorite collage montage slowly took shape with pictures of unique and unusual water fountains, fresh and dried herbs, exotic colored glass jars; a multitude of candles in varying shapes and sizes, rustic indoor and outdoor furniture, and stonewashed walls of ochre.  Hues of pink, blues, greens and yellows were highlighted, in dispersed with sun, blue skies, and candlelight as well as pictures of cows, goats and chickens, and little cherubs.

If you’d like to try a collage montage as a self help and self healing tool first write down what your intention is.  For example “I want to create a collage montage of my likes and dislikes” or “I intend to manifest financial abundance into my life starting from today”.

Once you have your intention clearly written down, it’s time to gather your materials.  You’ll need the following:

  • 1 x A3 size sheet of paper in color of preference
  • 1 x scissors
  • 1 x craft or paper glue
  • Magazines, newspapers, old picture books
  • Colored pens or pencils
  • Water paints
  • Assorted paint brushes
  • Aromatherapy oil blend of your choice (optional extra)
  • Relaxation music (optional extra)
  • Bowl of water (refill with clean water as needed)
  • Colored glitter
  • Any other material you can think of
  • Paper towel
  • Plastic tablecloth
  • Some quiet time to complete your project

When you’re ready to start, take a few deep breaths to centre yourself first.  Allow your mind to become quiet and close the door to the outside world for now.

Choose a starting point and let the pasting begin, with pictures that speak volumes to you, adding other materials as you go along. 

When you sense the collage is finished, stand back and reflect upon your masterpiece.  Does it need more or not?

Working on your collage montage as a self help tool to self heal, can have meditative like qualities as you quietly choose pictures and other materials to build a story about you.  Collage Montage’s are easy to construct, with no right or wrong way in completing them, after all, it’s your story.

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