Quanta Personal Performance Platform Review - The Feedback Loop

May 17


Chris Ford

Chris Ford

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Have you ever made a decision but not quite sure why? The Feedback Loop explains the process of how decision making occurs.


Quanta,Quanta Personal Performance Platform Review - The Feedback Loop Articles the brainchild of Jim Britt and Jim Lutes, currently includes two programs. The Fusion Program and the Personal Performance Platform. This is a review of the Personal Performance Platfor

Within the QUANTA Personal Performance Platform, the members receive daily video recordings to help with their personal development. The daily recordings are called Mentor Moments.

QUANTA co-founder Jim Britt discusses the 4 ingredients of any successful undertaking, and labels this the Feedback Loop.

Ingredient #1 - Make a Decision - Any successful task or undertaking is first begun when we make a decision. That decision usually comes from the feeling generated from ingredient #4 below that resulted from the result. Hence the feedback loop is born. But before any feelings are manufactured or created, there has to be a decision. After all, not doing anything at all is a decision. But when you decide to begin a task, or lose that weight, or build that deck, or clean out the garage, or wash the car, or whatever, you first made the decision.

Ingredient #2 - You Take Action - When you make the decision in ingredient #1, then and only then will you take any action. When you decided to start you own business, you took action. When you decided to get married, you took action. When you decided to change jobs, you took action. Nothing happens until YOU DECIDE to do something. The action you take is based on your conviction of your decision. Your passion for your undertaking is your conviction.

Ingredient #3 - Create a Result - Every action you undertake creates a result. As a matter of fact, every inaction you take creates a result. When you choose to take action or whether you choose not to take action, a result is created. Your action you have chosen will directly reflect the result you obtain. Hence, your result is a mirror image of the action you undertook.

Ingredient #4 - Create a Feeling Based on the Result - Whatever result you obtain, good or bad, positive or negative, a feeling is attached to that result. If the result was positive, a nice feeling is attached to that result. If the result was negative, a not so nice feeling is attached to that result.

The Feedback Loop is established when the feeling attached to the result is obtained. If the feeling is positive, naturally we want to duplicate or even magnify the feeling. Kind of like a drug addiction. We want to experience the same feeling again, even magnify the feeling.

From a business standpoint, if the feeling attached to the result is not so positive, we try again to improve the result. You can track the result based on the action and back to the decision. If you want to improve the result, then obviously we dissect the action undertaken. If the result is totally a flop, we need to look at the initial decision in the first place.

In summary, the feedback loop looks like this: Decision==>Action==>Result==>Feeling....Decision==>Action==>Result==>Feeling...etc.etc.

The FEEDBACK LOOP, when used positively, is very powerful. When used negatively, is very detrimental.