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Are you a Greatness Grower in all you do? What is that and what difference does it make? Read on!

"The power inside of you would stagger you if you really knew what it could accomplish. It is a power that conquers,Guest Posting empowers, and Grows Greatness. But most of us have been conquered by Greatness thieves that have robbed us blind. "Doug Firebaugh


That is how most people are about their Power to Succeed that lies dormant within them. They have no idea of the Success Greatness that lies deep within just waiting for a chance to explode into the world and make a so so life into a life made only of dreams.

You have a great Power within that can help create any life you want, have anything you want, and do anything that you desire. This Power is one that has been waiting, watching, and willing to take on the Success Journey in a way that would leave you breathless andin awe.

YOU are that powerful on the inside.

Yes, that Success Power and Force is within you, and waiting to come out and change your whole world! Success is basically the releasing of that Inner Will and Power in your life, and then operating your life in such a capacity that Success can ONLY be the result!

DARE to step beyond the limits today and live "Life Beyond the Barriers.(tm)"

But people will tell you that this Success Power is for others and not for you, as you came from the wrong family or side of town. They will tell you that Success has never been a part of who you are. Don't buy into the lie.

Success is already inside of you.

YOU must release it, and never look back, as that is where you came from, not where you are going. It is where you used to be, not where you are now. It is WHO you used to be, but not who you are now.

Today, something has shifted inside of you.

You are a POWERFUL being that God has made for massive Success and Achievement, and today you make that decision to release it and never look back at wty USED TO BE.

Success is about what is GOING TO BE! And you are going to be a HUGE Success today and not be clueless like so many others.

Let others walks among the clueless crowd and be blind to what the Truth is about their Success.

But not you.

There are so many people in the world that simply are deceived into believeing that what they have and are doing is all their is to life.

They are clueless to the Greatness that lies within them.

I should know....

Mine laid dormant for years. It laid there like a rock that I carried around with me. It heard allthe excuses and the pathetic reasons i was not a Success. It put up with my lack of great effort, as I replaced it with weak effort that was "just enough" to get by.

Am I proud of that fact?

Nope...hardly. I shake my head at it, and that is the reason foir this lesson- Release the Greatness and Giftings that you have been blessed with!

I had the Shift- and so have you today! The Inner Shift of Greatness that shifts your lifeinto Success overdrive!

Let me ask you the questions that I had to ask myself:

Are you proud of the fact that you probably have truly never tapped into the Greatnessand Gifting of Success within you?

Are you proud of the fact that you could be doing do much better in life? We ALL could!

Here is a Million Dollar Question...

Are you more proud of your Mediocrity than your talent and Power God gave you to Massively Succeed?

YOU are a WINNER and Blessing to people!

YOU are a Gifted Talent that attracts Success to you like a magnet on Steroids!

YOU are the Enlarger and YOU will enlarge you and others today by encouraging them and taking them to a higher realm of thinking, belief, dreaming, actions, and life and total fatih in what they can do with it by simply releasing it, and GROWING IT.

Truly, YOU are a Greatness Grower, and Success Shifter today...

And today...YOU start with YOU!

blessings...doug firebaugh(c) 2006/ all rights reserved

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