The Best Healing Crystals Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Feb 3


Healing Designed

Healing Designed

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Each zodiac sign has a signature personality, but did you know that specific crystals align with these different signs as well? Discover the crystal that fits you!


Each zodiac sign has a signature personality,The Best Healing Crystals Based On Your Zodiac Sign	 Articles but did you know that specific crystals align with these different signs as well? Whether you're an eccentric Aquarius or a hyper-organized Virgo, there's a perfect crystal to complement you!


The Best Healing Crystal Based On Your Zodiac Sign



  • March 21 - April 19
  • Ruled by the planet: Mars




Aries have a bold and straightforward approach to life. They aspire to be the first in everything and are quite passionate. Ruled by Mars, which is also the Roman god of War, they display this fiery trait through their strength and provocative energy.


Crystal for Aries: Carnelian


This crystal can help bring out and direct the passion of Aries. Carnelian can empower them but at the same time dispel reckless impulses that Arians are known to possess.


This healing crystal can help them take action on what's important and stabilizes their emotions. It also makes them feel more rooted and foster a leadership mindset.



  • April 20 - May 20
  • Ruled by the planet: Venus




Taurus is an Earth sign, and these people are rooted, reliable, and are deeply committed. By nature, they seek stable relationships and situations where they are sure of. They may be selective of their relations, but they're also passionate and loving.


Crystal for Taurus: Tree Agate


Like the rootedness of every Taurian, the stable energy emanating from Tree Agate is also perfect for them. This healing stone can help them enhance their growth while also bringing harmony to their surroundings.


Not only that, but the stubbornness often seen in Taurians can be switched for openness thanks to Tree Agate. Above all else, this stone diminishes the ego of the wearer.



  • May 21 - June 20
  • Ruled by the planet: Mercury




This sign is best known for its intellect and communication skills. Geminis are quite sociable and expressive, always curious about the inner lives of other people. They are great conversationalists and can be unexpected to some signs.


One thing that can be trusted to stay consistent with Geminis is their constant desire for change. They embrace transformations wholeheartedly and are quick to find the next stimulating activity.


Crystal for Gemini: Labradorite


It is only appropriate that the stone of transformation and new beginnings align with Geminis. Labradorite can empower this sign with their communication skills even more and help them seek out new adventures.


Alongside this, Labradorite brings about meaningful transformations that can create a sense of stability to those who possess it.



  • June 21 - July 22
  • Ruled by the planet: Moon




Cancers are one of the most intuitive signs, and they are attuned to their inner world. As a water sign, Cancerians are also subjected to the ebb and flows of their emotions, which can both empower and affect them negatively.


People in this sign are known for their loyalty and ability to empathize with others. They are profoundly nurturing and are usually looked on for advice because of their intuition and temperament.


Crystal for Cancer: Moonstone


Both zodiac sign and crystal are ruled by the moon and are incredibly calming. Cancerians can be emotionally unstable at times because of their inherent sensitivity, so having Moonstone can bring harmony to them.


Just like the phases of the moon, Cancercerians will feel the depths of their emotion in different stages. Through Moonstone, they can begin to nurture themselves the same way they take care of their loved ones.



  • July 23 - August 22
  • Ruled by the planet: Sun




The ever so flamboyant but capable Leos are well known for their inherent charisma. This zodiac sign is used to bask in the limelight, but they work hard to earn their spot.


Leos are quite extroverted and can be seen in the leader position. They are courageous and loyal, just like their lion emblem but can be quite egotistic in some areas.


Crystal for Leo: Citrine


This crystal is often nicknamed as solidified sunbeam that echoes the traits of a Leo. Likewise, Citrine is also ruled by the Sun and emanates positivity, happiness, and abundance.


The shining beacon brought by Citrine aligns with Leos and can create a comforting vibe to them when worn. Alongside this, Citrine can help Leos share their "light" with others and diminish selfish tendencies caused by ego.



  • August 23 - September 22
  • Ruled by the planet: Mercury




Virgos are a pragmatic bunch, and they're quite methodical when it comes to their careers, relationships, and personal interests. They are hardworking and are often successful with any kind of endeavor they try to pursue.


However, Virgos often discredit themselves due to Impostor Syndrome and can be plagued by their inner critic. This zodiac sign consists of humble achievers and logical people.


Crystal for Virgo: Clear Quartz


The clarity and confidence that Clear Quartz can help out Virgos embrace their potential despite the looming shadow of Impostor Syndrome. Alongside this, Clear Quartz also brings clarity of thought that enhances every Virgo's intellect.


Above all else, Clear Quartz empowers this zodiac sign to be more confident and embrace their own potential.



  • September 23 - October 22
  • Ruled by the planet: Venus




This zodiac sign is most known as the peacekeeper and are very diplomatic. They don't like conflicts and, more often than not, can be seen as the mediator, though if possible, they'd prefer to have no confrontations.


Libras are advocates and aspire for equality, which is why they are not quick to judge. Instead, they hear out both sides first. Libras are also intellectuals but can be quite the daydreamer as well.


Crystal for Libra: Opal


This healing crystal symbolizes truth, peace, and harmony, which are the core ideals Libras have. Alongside this, it is also the birthstone of this zodiac sign, and it couldn't be any more appropriate.


Opal amplifies the truth and can help one identify deceptions. This is incredibly helpful for Libras, especially that they are quite indecisive at times because of their inherent need to hear both sides.



  • October 23 - November 21
  • Ruled by the planet: Pluto




Scorpios are known for their intense passion and persistence. They are highly dedicated to their endeavors, which is why they are also great leaders. Scorpios are quite expressive and are straightforward when it comes to their desires.


They can be too much for some, but that's just how they show their loyalty and commitment.


Crystal for Scorpio: Red Garnet


Garnet is known as the "Warrior Stone" and is also known for imbibing commitment on those who possess it which perfectly aligns with Scorpios. It also fortifies their willpower and aids them to survive any predicament in life.


Above all else, what makes Red Garnet a perfect crystal for Scorpios is its ability to bring balance. This is especially crucial so that Scorpios won't always be dictated by the highs and lows of their emotions.



  • November 22 - December 21
  • Ruled by the planet: Jupiter




Sagittarius people are known for their desire for adventure and their risk tolerance. They like spontaneous activities, and they love to travel to experience new things.


They are not afraid to do things on their own as long as it suits their taste. However, they can be quite impulsive because of this, but it's also what sets them unique from other signs.


Crystal for Sagittarius: Tiger's Eye


This healing stone is known for giving inner strength and empowering people to take immediate action on their goals. This kind of energy complements so much with Saggitarius because of their desire for adventure.


However, the best part with Tiger's Eye is its ability to give direction to Saggitarians instead of the sudden bursts of their energy.



  • December 22 - January 19
  • Ruled by the planet: Saturn




Capricorns are diligent and hardworking people. Like their fellow Earth signs, they like to seek stability and order, which is why they are quite analytical and practical. They are also very realistic with their goals and often suppress their emotions.


These signs can usually handle pressure and are very dependable when faced in a bind because of their intellect.


Crystal for Capricorn: Sodalite


Sodalite is a healing crystal that empowers its wearer through expression. As Capricorns often love order and having control over their goals, they often repress their emotions to not get in the way of their dreams.


However, this isn't always healthy for them, which is why the calming vibes of Sodalite and its ability to uncover repressed feelings can bring in harmony for Capricorns.



  • January 20 - February 18
  • Ruled by the planet: Uranus




Aquarians are well known for their unconventional and humanitarian traits. They can be seen as quite eccentric at times, but they're by far also one of the most intelligent among the signs.


They are deep thinkers and often find themselves fighting for an advocacy they are passionate about. They enjoy problem-solving and expressing themselves in unique ways.


Crystal for Aquarius: Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is a nurturing crystal that brings in self-love and helps envelop the environment with a healing and loving energy. The prowess of Rose Quartz aligns with the idealistic views of Aquarians.


Alongside this, it also helps them keep in touch with their emotions, mostly that Aquarians are often detached because they gravitate more with their intellect.



  • February 19 - March 20
  • Ruled by the planet: Neptune




Pisces people are emotionally attuned and are quite creative as well. They usually are very empathetic and extremely tolerant of other people. They are always willing to give a helping hand whenever they see others struggling.


Pisces are incredibly caring and quite loyal when it comes to their friend groups as well.


Crystal for Pisces: Amazonite


Amazonite is a healing stone that has roots in the strong women tribe, the Amazons. Like the Amazons, Pisces value their friends so much and are incredibly loyal.


However, because they often compromise their own emotional well-being for others, having the grounding comfort of Amazonite can bring back harmony into their lives.


Astrology may seem like a fickle thing for others, but more often than not, you'll find certain traits that resonate with you.


With crystal healing, no matter what sign you are, you can feel empowered and more in sync both with the inner and outer world.