The Impact of Masculine and Feminine Energy Traits in Your Life

Jul 1


Tony Calabrese

Tony Calabrese

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Cheryl Wilson's presentation to us was entitled “Becoming Whole, Using Masculine and Feminine Energy”. It is a topic area for which she has a great deal of passion, and which emerged to her as an outgrowth in terms of her current relationship with her significant other.


One of the benefits of my profession is that you have the opportunity to be introduced to a good number of different approaches and ideas in terms of making the most out of your life.  About two months ago I had one such opportunity at a meeting of New Jersey Professional Coaches Association I attended.  Our speaker that evening was Cheryl Wilson,The Impact of Masculine and Feminine Energy Traits in Your Life Articles owner of The Zone Advantage, a coaching company she has founded.  Cheryl’s specialty is in both training and coaching other coaches in terms of helping them at improving their craft.  Her presentation to us that evening was entitled “Becoming Whole, Using Masculine and Feminine Energy”.  It is a topic area for which she has a great deal of passion, and which emerged to her as an outgrowth in terms of her current relationship with her significant other.

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we each have the ability to possess both masculine and feminine traits as part of our makeup.  These characteristics have nothing to do with what sex we are.  For example, over time society has termed characteristics such as being caring, or patient or sensitive to be more associated as being feminine characteristics.  By the same token the characteristics such as being assertive, results oriented or analytical historically have been defined as masculine characteristics.  Certainly I am sure you know a number of patient or sensitive men.  By the same token you likely also know many results oriented or analytical women. 

Cheryl indicated that the masculine and feminine characteristics and how they play into our life became apparent to her over the last year or so.  She admitted to being a woman who grew up exhibiting a good number of masculine traits in her day to day life.  She was definitely very success and results driven throughout her life.  Her style is to be direct with others she meets.  She always looked to solve the problems of others.  One day in conversation with her partner when he was dealing with an issue in his life, she immediately went into problem solving mode.  Instead of being appreciative his comment to her both surprised her and to got her to thinking.  He said to Cheryl, “Why can’t you be more like a girlfriend to me”? 

When thinking through his comment further, assessing her life and doing some research on the topic some revelations became apparent to her.  One was that each individual is made up of some component of masculine and feminine traits.  How those traits makeup each person varies by individual.  In exploring further she came to the realization that human beings tend to seek in their relationships of others, traits and characteristics they tend to lack.  At their core, the individual realizes something is missing in their life.  The tendency is to find it in their relationship with others.  However, the more one becomes aware of the fact that both masculine and feminine traits make up their entire being, and once they show an awareness of embracing those traits they have kept suppressed, they become more fully actualized and whole and operate at their highest potential.

Additionally, when an individual allows traits that are a part of them which are dormant to become more a part of their life, it assists them in their relationship with their partner and others they meet.  There is more of an understanding that if the partner has traits which are not natural to them, that is part of their makeup and what makes them a whole person.  The tendency is to accept ourselves, the others in our life and reduce judgments of ourselves and all with whom we come in contact. 

Cheryl is very excited and passionate about this new approach at how she views her life.  She sees a great deal of possibility for the increased understanding of uniting masculine and feminine energies in one’s life for both her clients, and for those who are coaches who work with their clients.  The more individuals understand themselves at their core, the more they give themselves a chance of understanding both the traits which may be holding them back and how to accept those traits as part of their life.

Cheryl is also excited to discuss her work in this area with individuals attracted to it, especially fellow coaches who see an opportunity to apply it in their work with their own clients.  If you would like to discuss “Uniting Masculine & Feminine Energies” with her further you can reach out to her at  She can also be reached at (732)-671-3037.