The Law of Attraction: Yesterday is a Closed Book

Nov 16


Beth McCain

Beth McCain

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Can your past experiences affect the Law of Attraction in your life?


If we change our outlook on our past experiences,The Law of Attraction:  Yesterday is a Closed Book Articles is it possible that our desires will come quicker to us through the Law of Attraction?  Your past experiences are a direct link to what you are experiencing today.

We all have past experiences that affect our lives.  When we think back about a wonderful thought in our childhood, we feel secure and happy.  But when we think on a past experience that was traumatic, we feel insecure and upset. In the Law of Attraction, the more you focus on a particular thought and feeling, the quicker the Universe will attract what you are emitting back to you.

When you focus on anything for a period of time, the subject of your focus begins to have a life of its own.  As you focus and feel more and more on the same want or desire, the Universe takes its cue and brings what you are feeling focusing on to you.  For example:  Let's say you had a relationship trauma as a young adult.  Even though you are an older adult now, you still think about that experience.  It was a time that was hurtful to you so every time you begin to attract a serious relationship, you discover that you can't help but think, focus on, and return to that one terrible experience.  But the more and more you think on and feel that experience, the more you will attract that kind of experience back into your life. 

Why do you think people tend to repeat negative behavior patterns?  They continue over and over again to relive past experiences, and when you do that, the Universe sends more of it to you.  The Universe isn't being unkind; the Universe is doing its job.  It's taking its cue from you through what you focus on and feel strongly about.

So how does one stop the repetitive thoughts and feelings?   By starting new as often as you have to.  Yesterday is a closed book.  You don't have to relive past experiences.  When you think of a past experience that may not have been pleasant, do your best to separate from the experience itself while learning what you want or don't want from that experience.  Then let the experience go.  It served its purpose but you can let it go.  You are hurting your own self by hanging on to it.  If you find it isn't easy for you to let go, then play this game with yourself:  When that traumatic experience surfaces in your memory, change the experience to what you would have wanted it to be.  Take the whole situation and visualize how you wish it would have happened.  By doing this, you can change your focus to the positive (as well as your feelings) and you will be creating better days for the future.  By changing the past, even if it is only within your mind, something miraculous happens.  Your heart becomes freer because of the hope of what could have been, and you create wonderful feelings about a situation that was once a negative focus for you.  When you create those great feelings, your tomorrows will become days of ease and security.

By focusing on the joyous moments and gratitude now, you will bank good feelings that the Universe will work towards bringing to you.  When you close the book of Yesterday, especially on the past's not so great experiences, you will find that life becomes much smoother and easier. 

But what about the wonderful experiences of the past?  Wonderful past experiences are good ways to get the 'happy' thoughts going.  Use the experiences for the good feelings generated from them. 

What we do is this:  We take a past experience and capture the feelings, not the experience, and then transfer the good feelings to what we currently want out of life.  By using this method, you will have a great emotion attached to a current-day-focus that will be your true experience in your future.

Use this method to give up the hurtful past and then concentrate on a beautiful tomorrow for yourself and your loved ones.  It works!