The Perfection Paradox

Mar 13


David Almeida

David Almeida

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This article looks at perfection in relation to spiritual evolution. Perfection is the process of improving. However, there is a paradox in this thinking. How is it possible to improve on something that is already perfect? Why must we strive for perfection?


Perfection is a paradox. It's true that things in physical reality are perfect. Perfection indicates that an object or situation has no flaws. When you call something perfect,The Perfection Paradox Articles you are saying that nothing can be taken away or added to the thing to make it better. Things are perfect in the moment. Since the moment is all that exists, all things are perfect as they are.

On the other hand, we are faced with a concept known as spiritual evolution. This has to do with personal growth through reincarnation. Our prime directive is to grow. This is true of all things in the universe. We'll call this the law of expansion. By living our lives and accumulating valuable experiences, we fulfill the law. When we experience the mysteries of life, our soul ascends into higher levels of existence.

Each time we fall short of integrity, we must work to repair our apparent mistakes. We improve ourselves through our many incarnations. This is called perfection of the soul. Herein lies the paradox. Even though things are perfect as they are, we are driven to seek perfection. Our programming mandates this. In truth, there is nothing else to do in life but seek perfection. If we did not seek perfection on Earth, the foundations would crumble. Perfection keeps us on our toes. It drives us to be the best we can be. This is evident in competitive games like sports. We also see this in manufacturing and entertainment.

It's important to understand that perfection is an ideal. It does not exist and can never be attained. So what I am telling you is that we strive for a goal we cannot achieve. That sounds asinine doesn't it. It's a lot like a rodent on a hamster wheel. We seem to be going nowhere fast. On a spiritual level, we are making great strides.

Now just because we are seeking the perfection, the rule of thumb is, do the best that you can. If you make what you see as a mistake, you must learn from it, make it right, and do better the next time. This is my philosophy. Perfection is not something you should make an obsession. That would constitute illness. Extremes should be avoided. They are counterproductive to your personal growth. As best you can, means just that, pushing yourself as far you can go without hurting yourself. Picture a rubber band being stretched. The band should never be stretched past its breaking point. We all have different comfort levels. Perfection requires us to be taken slightly out of our comfort zone. Weight lifters do this. By testing our limits, we maximize our learning benefits. So seek perfection in your life... as best you can.

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