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Most of us beat ourselves up over perceived mistakes and failures. This self-defeating behavior hinders our spiritual evolution. Personal growth can only occur when we learn from our experiences. The philosophy of "as best you can" allows us to correct our "mistakes", learn from them, and do better the next time.

This article is a short discussion on the philosophy "as best you can". This phrase comes from the concept of spiritual evolution and reincarnation. Some metaphysical thinkers believe humans chose to reincarnate in order to learn. In each life,Guest Posting we set up tests and challenges for ourselves in order achieve personal growth. We all have things we need to work on. An individual creates missions in each life. Sometimes we want to change the world, other times we want to improve our relationships. The challenges themselves are of little consequence, it's what we get out of these experiences that is important.

"As best you can" is a philosophy of life. It means that if you did something you know is wrong, you can correct yourself and promise to do better the next. Unfortunately, some errors are not easily fixed. In spite of this, we must be determined to learn from these events and move forward. It does us no good to dwell on our perceived mistakes and misfortunes. We can only do our best to acknowledge our shortcomings.

There is a simple formula for successfully meeting your challenges. By following five steps below, we put ourselves in a position of power. Although this process is not as easy as it appears, overcoming the challenges of stages given will have a positive impact on our personal growth as spiritual beings.

  • Become aware of your behavior.

  • Acknowledge the incident.

  • Take responsibility for your actions.

  • Repair the damage.

  • Vow not to repeat it.

I want to clarify one point concerning integrity. Integrity is a key quality in the operation of this philosophy. Some people believe that integrity means you uphold high standards and never violate them. This implies that one must have an "I can do no wrong" attitude. This way of thinking leads to disappointment. Because we are human, we are never going to meet the expectations of ourselves, or others 100% of the time. By correcting ourselves every time we slip up, we get our integrity back. This is not a get out of jail free card. Our guilt will see to that. Guilt is a powerful tool for helping us learn our lessons. Those of us who do not respond to guilt may find themselves facing their challenges again in the next life. That is the nature of the Great Work. We would all well to take note of it.

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