Tsunami: Lessons From The World

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The awesome power of Nature has once again won over the world, but this time, with ther rare tsunami tidal waves that tested the ... and ... of human life. Out of all the ... and dis

The awesome power of Nature has once again won over the world,Guest Posting but this time, with ther rare tsunami tidal waves that tested the stability and fragility of human life.

Out of all the upsetting and disturbing stories that have been shared and heard, it is very suprising to hear that hundreds, and even thousands have survived against all odds! Doesn't it just wonder about life and it's meaning? Does it test your faith?

There is more to life than what we think.

A little four year old boy miraculously survived in a tree for over two days without water or food. Why did he survive when his whole family, home and world drowned before his young eyes? There must be a reason for that four-year old boy surviving. Hmmm.

Strangely we do not see dead animals, dogs or cats littering the beaches where the tsunami struck. They have a sixth sense and so they sensed what has happening earlier and fled the shores. Maybe we should tune into our sixth sense a bit more. The tsunami is a wakeup call. The shifting weather patterns, earthquakes and melting polar icecaps are all signals reminding us about the changes that are happening across the world.

It is time that we use our minds to see through the effects towards their causes. What can we do?

Become a champion.
Each person must become a champion for change. Think big yet start small. What does that mean? If you want to take part and help make a difference do so, but beware - you must begin with your inner self first! Connect to your intuition, your vibrations and the universe! Come to terms with what happens because if you don't, it'll have a knock-on affect on those who need your support.

Turn your mind towards solutions.
The world has so many advanced today, but how comes the fear never leaves? Turn your mind towards solving our world's greatest problems. Begin with the five biggest problems in your life. Seek to solve them as your contribution to solving the world's problems.

You are not alone.
Many people are making small changes in their lives. Although media and newspapers portray mainly bad news, there are still people of honour and goodness who wish to make a difference. People are asking questions about how we can change our lives and world for the better. People are re-evaluating their lives. In living rooms, classrooms, prison cells, temples and hospitals - Change is happening.

Start now.

Start to make changes in your life now. Many people are waiting for a new leader to emerge, someone to say "follow me". Well, the irony is that we all need to become a leader of our own.
Muhammed Ali once produced the world's shortest poem when he simply said "ME, WE". It's a simple message that can perhaps save an entire species.

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