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Random Word Stimulation is a powerful technique that provides a practical method of accessing your  subconscious mind to better utilize the wealth of information within. Regular practice strengthens connection to the subconscious mind,Guest Posting which in turn endows the practitioner with greatly enhanced thinking skills.

Each training session is focused on achieving any goal of your own choosing - Generate innovative ideas for any purpose, create new inventions, improve existing products or services, solve personal or business problems, or simply to gain deeper insights into any subject.

Power in the Word

The most valuable construct ever created by the human mind is language. A mind powered system of communication whose base unit of energy is the WORD.

What is the meaning of a word? The logical answer would be that words have been created and designated to represent one or more meanings, case closed. Correct, but rather than end the discussion here perhaps a more meaningful question would be - What is meaning?

The Meaning of Meaning

Examine for a moment how your own mind reacts when triggered by the following word - EGG.

Was it the oval shape that first came to mind? The texture or color of its surface? The feeling of an egg held in your hand? The concept of a sealed shell holding fluids? The fact that an egg is fragile, something cracked or broken? The sound of it breaking? The strength of an egg that cannot be broken when pressure is applied uniformly over its surface area? The fact that eggs emerge from a chicken, or any other creature that lays eggs? Did you think of an egg in terms of its life cycle? Did its contents draw your attention, the slimy feel, the different colors, or how it has three distinct components? Did you think of the sound of an egg sizzling in a fry pan, the aroma that fills your kitchen at breakfast, or the flavor of your favorite egg dish? Or was it a life situation that you associate with eggs, perhaps an important conversation during a meal when eggs were served, memories of joy or sorrow experienced over breakfast with family, or when someone played a trick of cracking an emptied eggshell on your head? How about a fabulous Faberge Egg?

The visceral experience of meaning is actually a compilation of memory segments that relate the word to your own unique perception of your life experiences. Everything experienced in life is recorded into your brain in complete detail. Everything you have ever seen, heard, touched, smelled, and tasted, everything you have ever thought, and everything in your dreams.

Exposure to a word triggers the mind to recall an intricate matrix of memories that you associate to the word. A single word can trigger dozens, hundreds, or many thousands of associations.

Words and Communication

Language is comprised of words assembled in a logical sequence. Given the wide array of associations ascribed to a single word there must be a way to determine which associations are pertinent to the message being conveyed. In language it is the LOGIC of the sequence that infers a CONTEXT by which associations to individual words are judged to be pertinent to the message or not. Even in the face of such astounding complexity your mind effortlessly performs these judgments instantaneously.

WORDS and CONTEXT are inseparable partners that must work together to accurately express relevant meaning.

Basics of Logic

Logic is based on judgment. We judge if each word has a logical association to the previous word in relationship to a context. If the relationship is found, we judge that Logic is satisfied, and only then can we proceed to the next word. As long as each successive word associates to the previous words, while maintaining the overriding context, then progression through the sequence can continue. This pattern of linear progression establishes a consistent FLOW of Logic from one word to the next.

If a word is encountered that has no relevant association to the previous words, in relationship to the overriding context, then the logical flow is interrupted resulting in a state of confusion. Confusion is the trigger that tells us Logic has not been satisfied. Progress through the sequence cannot continue from this point so we must stop to re-evaluate. Either we do not see a relevant association to the word in question, or our interpretation of the context is flawed somehow. These issues must be resolved or the entire sequence looses its meaning.

Logic is ultimately a binary, YES or NO, type of system. We judge YES as each word fits in the sequence, or NO if a word does not fit the sequence. Logic can only be satisfied when all judgments in the sequence resolve to YES. A single unresolved NO and Logic breaks down. The infamous third state of MAYBE is not allowed in the logical paradigm.

Another important facet of a successful logical sequence is that it always ends in a logical conclusion. Every step in a logical sequence must be correct in order to reach a conclusion that is also correct. A logical sequence can be proven correct by the correctness of each single step taken to reach the conclusion. Logic is thus a perfect system, due to its ability to verify the truth of a statement anywhere from inception to conclusion.

Once a logical flow is established we expect the flow to maintain its context and advance through the sequence until finally resolved to its logical conclusion. This expectation makes Logic very predictable.

The Down Side of Logic

In order to appreciate, utilize, and reap the tremendous benefits of Random Word Stimulation it is crucial to realize how thoroughly the system of Logic has infiltrated our psyche and influences our thinking.

Since Logic can always be proven to be right, it naturally follows that any deviation from Logic must therefore be wrong. Logic conditions us to believe that anything illogical must be wrong, and of course no one wants to be wrong. Thinking illogically is frowned upon by the prevailing culture that deems Logic as the only proper and respectable way of thinking.

The pressure to conform is a powerful influence that conditions us never to stray from the norm or dare to challenge accepted traditional convention. Just the thought of departing from the rules of Logic can trigger emotional discomfort, apprehension, and even fear. Incessant strict adherence to thinking within the framework of Logic becomes an insidiously pervasive and domineering influence over our thinking.

The value and practicality of the logical approach to understanding the world and achieving victory over life's many challenges is irrefutable. But Logic is notoriously un-original. Generating new ideas within a framework of Logic is virtually impossible.

Random Word Stimulation

Random Word Stimulation, as its name implies, invokes words at random. There is no connection between the words, no sequence, no context, and most importantly, Random Word Stimulation is completely illogical. Random Word Stimulation is essentially a search for context to create new meaning.

Individual words will always trigger their associated memories, the reaction is automatic and inevitable. Once you define a subject to generate new ideas about, exposure to the stimulus of random words will incite your mind to associate subject and word together. Usually there is no obvious logical connection but the force that drives the mind to associate thoughts is so strong that the search is performed regardless, and in the subsequent chaos new ideas begin to emerge.

Random Word Stimulation provides a well defined, easy to use, self guided method of generating new ideas by directly stimulating the brain’s natural capacity to think laterally. Everyone in search of new ideas can use this very simple and incredibly effective technique. Results are immediate, even to a beginner, and will improve in both quantity and quality with regular practice.

Your subconscious mind is a powerful ally with a vast storehouse of information to draw from, and together with your imagination, can be utilized in a deliberate manner to achieve outstanding results in situations were Logic alone is hopelessly inadequate.

The Conditioned Response to Reject

The fundamental function of the brain is its ability to associate thoughts and recognize associations that are meaningful and significant. We are CONDITIONED never to stray from the rules of Logic. We are CONDITIONED to believe that to be RIGHT IS GOOD and valuable, and to be WRONG IS BAD and worthless. We are CONDITIONED to accept associations that are logical and immediately reject associations that are illogical. Blind obedience to the rules of Logic literally programs the brain to respond with these habitual CONDITIONED behaviors, and the longer we persist in following these behaviors the more difficult it becomes to break free of them.

Many of the associations triggered by Random Word Stimulation, and the ideas they are sure to generate, will not make immediate sense in relation to your subject. New ideas often at first seem illogical, absurd, or completely irrelevant. Our minds have been trained to make sense of things. Thoughts that do not make sense trigger the conditioned response to discard these ideas as frivolous fantasy, unworthy of further contemplation. Once discarded the potential value they are sure to contain is lost forever.

Learning to recognize this conditioned response as it happens, and bring it under managed control is essential. Always remember - Something that initially seems like nonsense, can actually make a new and wondrous perfect sense when viewed in light of a new context.

Successfully generating new innovative and original ideas is achieved in direct proportion to your willingness to temporarily suspend the urge to discard new ideas and allow your mind the freedom to explore for new contexts that lead somewhere useful.

Learning to use Random Word Stimulation

Learning to use Random Word Stimulation is actually very simple, its effect on the mind is automatic and inevitable. The only difficulty is in forcing yourself to change a behavior. Achieving consistent results depends entirely on learning a single basic skill. You must find a way to circumvent the conditioned response of rejecting thoughts that do not make sense and allow yourself the freedom to explore them regardless. Catch the moment when you judge "this does not make sense" and simply change it to a question of "how COULD this make sense?".

It is important to realize this is not as much a matter of learning as it is a matter of un-learning.
No amount of explanation will show you the way. Your brain already knows full well how to use Random Word Stimulation, it will show you the way itself if you let it. The rejection response develops in each of us, refined over many years, it is very personal and unique to the individual.

Paradoxically, it is often those of high intelligence and extensive education that have more difficulty since their indoctrination to Logic is equally extensive. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that practicing Random Word Stimulation will continually prompt your rejection response and thereby provide endless opportunities to find your own way forward.

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