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Don't spam! Your chances of moving beyond the original pile increase every time you make a ... with a reader. You actually ... more when you prepare five targeted letters than 50 generi

Don't spam! Your chances of moving beyond the original pile increase every time you make a connection with a reader. You actually communicate more when you prepare five targeted letters than 50 generic ones.

Treat your cover letter as an opportunity to impress your target employer. For example,Guest Posting when you arrange to send your letter to the person making the hiring decision, you communicate that you have researched the specific requirements of their company. Contact the office and ask for the name of the manager responsible for the department you are targeting before sending your letter.

Do you have information to communicate to the person you have selected?

If you have chosen a particular company as a target, you must have something of interest to communicate. If you are unable to think of anything that you believe would interest the reader, you should not spend your time sending your resume or a letter to this person. Instead, you should spend your time researching companies in your sector, or any growth sector that hire people with your abilities. When you select a target that is a better match for your skills and experience, you will find that letter writing can become a fairly easy job search task.

Focus on communicating that you are a perfect match!

You will generate more interest with a short informative letter than a long document that places a demand on the reader's time. Write a one-page letter with three or four paragraphs that is organized to demonstrate how your background and abilities match the immediate needs specified by the company. If you are not responding to a specific advertisement, review a few online advertisements or job descriptions that match the job you are preparing to secure. Search for these description using the title/s of the position you are targeting.

When you have found the right information, identify the key points and requirements specified by the company. Start by selecting positions that you match at least 75% of the key requirements. Rate their requirements (based on your interpretation) from most important to the least important then match their top two or three requirements to your significant accomplishments, even if this requires selecting skills that you do not consider your most valuable.

Does this person have the skills we need to meet the requirements of this position?

When you answer this question in your cover letter, you lead the reader to your resume, and one step closer to landing the job you really want. Your cover letter should match, but not repeat, word-for-word the information detailed in your resume. Reword the relevant accomplishments that you have chosen to highlight in your letter.

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