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Sending a thank you or ... letter within 24 hours of an ... is not a new idea, but it is still a good idea. A key reason to send a thank you letter is to nurture new and existing ...

Sending a thank you or follow-up letter within 24 hours of an interview is not a new idea,Guest Posting but it is still a good idea. A key reason to send a thank you letter is to nurture new and existing relationships. Plan to send a thank you letter to all the people that assist in your job search. This group includes the people that you meet during an interview; your existing contacts that provide written recommendations, and any friend (or friends of friends) that offer career related leads or information.

Thank you is a good place to start relationships that will greatly contribute to your ability to secure the right job in record time! Unless you have a good reason for sending a card or a handwritten letter to your target reader, plan to send an e-mail that is easy to produce. Use the subject line to note "thank you for the interview". This action demonstrates a respect for their busy schedule and an understanding that they may want to read this e-mail after they have read all their urgent e-mails.

Start every thank you letter by expressing your appreciation for the interest and time that people have invested in your career. Then, when you highlight that you are still interested in securing a new challenge, take this opportunity to feature your most relevant skills. For example, "My interest in working for (the name of the company or organization) is stronger than ever, and based on your description of the position, I know that my previous experience in (specify) provides the expertise required to make immediate contributions to your team."

End your letter using the "opening the door" technique. Your closing paragraph for a thank you letter related to an interview should clearly state when you will call to schedule a meeting time. For example, "I would like to meet with you again to discuss this position. If I do not hear from you within the next five days, I will call you to schedule a convenient time to meet. In the meantime, I will be happy to provide any other information you may need to assist in your decision."

When you are writing to someone that has already provided information, your "opening the door" approach will reflect an appreciation for the assistance provided. In this situation, focus on advising your contact that you will provide an update on the progress of your job search. Your update should detail how the information they provided contributed to your success.

Networking after the initial contact is easy when you have something as important as thank you to communicate. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your job search network!

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