What is Your Threshold?

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That's it! I've had it! I'm going to change! We usually don't hear those words until we have reached our Threshold. This article will explore what threshold is and how to use it to your advantage.

There's a thing called threshold. Threshold like a boiling point or a point that you reach in your life where you say you've had enough,Guest Posting that's it, I'm tired of this. I'm tired of the way I am.

Most homes have a hot water heater. Every hot water heater has a valve on them, a special safety valve. It's a pressure release valve. To keep the hot water heater from exploding from too much pressure, this release valve will open if the pressure gets too high.

Our "Pressure Release Valve"I think inside each of us there is a pressure release valve - something inside of us that kicks in and says, "Whoa, you've gone too far, you're over the limit, you've done it this time" and it wakes you up and says, "hey what in the heck are you doing?" It's a threshold that you reach or a line that you cross that tells you, "Hey, you need to change. You can't live your life like this anymore."

Think for a moment why most people don't make changes in their lives. Usually there are some real things they need to change but they don't. Why? Because things are bad but they're really not that bad. They're just cruising along and maybe they're not doing things right but things aren't really so bad so it's hard to be motivated to change in that situation.

Hitting Rock BottomBut when someone hit rock bottom in their life, when the level of pain is so great that they can't stand it any longer, that's when they are more likely to change. Now I'm not saying you have to hit rock bottom but sometimes people do have to hit rock bottom, they have to go over that line before they will make a change, before they can get enough motivation enough strength, enough energy inside of them to really want to make a change.

An example might be a person who is a little bit overweight. They know they're a few pounds overweight, 10 pounds or something, and they don't really have that much motivation to change. Their clothes still fit reasonably well, they look reasonably well in the mirror. Usually something has to happen to where they say, "whoa, I've got to change, I've got to stop eating." Maybe they went out to the local buffet and just made a pig of themselves and came home and are just sick. Maybe that's their threshold or level of pain. Or maybe they see an old friend, somebody they knew in high school or college, and this old friend is just looking great, fit and everything, and they're embarrassed. They look at themselves and think, "What has happened to me? I was so embarrassed to meet that person." That's an example of threshold.

So be aware of this force in your life and use it to your advantage. Try to lower your threshold level so you can reach the point of motivation to change sooner.

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